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Supportive housing providers rely on a complex combination of local, state, federal and private funding. As one of its chief goals, the Network helps its members keep abreast on all potential sources of funding for supportive housing. The Network alerts providers when a new Request for Proposals (RFP) or Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) is released and when an existing one closes or gets updated. We also offer fast facts and analysis on RFPs and NOFAs, so our members don't have to comb through dense PDFs just to learn that a funding source doesn't apply to their organization. Below, you'll find the Network's comprehensive, regularly-updated Funding Guide and a repository of recent RFPs and NOFAs.

Funding Guide

The Network's Funding Guide offers detailed information on nearly 60 supportive housing funding streams. This comprehensive, user-friendly database gives New York supportive housing providers an up-to-date breakdown of every major funding source available. Users can filter the data by a number of variables, including funding type (operating, services, etc.) and source (state, federal, etc.). In addition to the facts included in an RFP or NOFA, the Funding Guide also offers expert analysis on a particular funding streams limitations and quirks.

Current RFPs and NOFAs

To announce when money becomes available, funding sources typically release an RFP or NOFA. RFPs and NOFAs answer the basic questions of a supportive housing provider: Who is eligible to apply, when are applications due, how much total funding is available? As one of its major services, the Network notifies its members when new RFPs and NOFAs come online. The Network also summarizes these documents into clear, accessible terms. Follow this link for a list of current supportive housing RFPs and NOFAs.