New York City

The Network advocates for funding, policies, and programs to ensure existing supportive housing is sustained and new supportive housing created.

NYC 15/15 Reallocation Plan

Eight years into the City’s landmark NYC 15/15 Initiative which promised to create 15,000 units of supportive housing in 15 years – 7500 single site and 7500 scattered site -- only 17% of the scattered site units have been awarded. The Network published this analysis of the current barriers to creating housing in today’s market as well as recommendations as to how to re-allocate funding for the currently unusable 6220 scattered site units to ensure the initiative meets its goals of creating and preserving as much supportive housing as quickly as possible.

See here for the Network's Reimagining NYC 15/15: A Comprehensive Reallocation Plan to Save New York City's Supportive Housing Initiative.

Supportive Housing Vacancies & Referrals

NYC Supportive Housing Provider Referral Guide
Vacancy & Referral NetWorkshop & Resources

NYC Advocacy and Policy Priorities

Network 2023-2024 Policy & Budget Priorities:

  1. Reallocate the NYC 15/15 Initiative
  2. Enhance services in supportive housing
  3. Streamline development
  4. #JustPay the human services sector
  5. Correct crisis intervention
  6. Increase access to supportive housing for individuals leaving jail or prison

See HERE for the Network’s City Advocacy one-pager.

Click here to read the Network's 2022 policy platform, Reinvest, Recover, Revitalize: Supportive Housing Solutions for a Better New York.

We work closely with city agencies and fellow advocates and participate in the leadership of the NYC Continuum of Care.

NYC Testimony

The Network regularly testifies at budget and policy hearings, informs and mobilizes members and tenants, and meets with elected officials and state government partners to educate and advocate for supportive housing. We also work with allied organizations to advocate for policies and budget priorities that ensure supportive housing’s effectiveness.

Our policy priorities are driven by our members. Reach out to us!

NYC Achievements

Our community came together to fight for and win the largest supportive housing commitment in the City’s history: NYC 15/15 will create 15,000 new units of supportive housing over the next 15 years. The Network is engaging members and partners to meet this unprecedented new commitment of resources to supportive housing. The Network also convened a panel event informing members on the biggest updates and progress of the initiative so far.  (For funding opportunities, please search "NYC 15/15" in our Funding Guide.)