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DHS SRO Support Services (NYSSHP)




Operating, Services


New York City

Procurement Agency


Total Annual Award

In FY13, DHS funded $11,313,690 in SRO Support Subsidy. Funding has stayed relatively flat since FY13, and no new contracts have been awarded.

Tenant Eligibility Criteria

This program serves only adults. Adults are defined as homeless individuals who need services to live independently. 

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are social service districts and nonprofit agencies including faith-based and charitable organizations.

Eligible services include: case management, counseling and crisis intervention, employment and vocational assistance, educational assistance, parenting skills development, pregnancy prevention (including counseling), family reunification and stability, life skills training and building security services. 

Funding Award Details

DHS SRO Support is pass-through funding from NYS OTDA.

Amount Details

DHS SRO Support will fund a maximum rate of $200 per unit per month for single individuals in residences of up to 50 units. It will fund a maximum rate of $180 per unit per month for residences over 50 units. DHS may negotiate a reimbursement rate with each provider.


The contract term is three years, with a two-year extension.

Network Notes

The agency must own or directly lease the property. DHS may negotiate a reimbursement rate with each provider.

DHS no longer accepts applications for DHS SRO Support. Applicants can apply directly to OTDA for NYSSHP funding, or apply for funding available from HRA nd HPD under NYC 15/15, for new units.

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Last updated: 07/19/2018

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