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Senior Affordable Housing Tenant Services






New York City

Procurement Agency


Total Annual Award

The anticipated total maximum available funding is $15,075,396.  Although the anticipated number of contracts will depend on the proposed number of units and available funding, the anticipated number of units is estimated at approximately 150 per year.

Additional funding may be added at a later date. 

Tenant Eligibility Criteria

The population targeted for services are homeless seniors age 62 and older with low incomes who are referred for placement by the City. While Senior Affordable Housing Tenant Services are to serve all tenants in the building, the City anticipates that the formerly homeless tenants will need more support during their transition back to the community. 

Eligible Applicants

This funding is to provide services for newly developed, affordable senior housing residences which include a set-aside for homeless seniors, such as those developed by HPD's Senior Affordable Rental Apartments (SARA) program. 

Applicants must be 501(c)3 nonprofits. 

Funding Award Details

Anticipated number of contracts will depend on the proposed number of units and available funding. Approximately 150 units are anticipated to be awarded per year.

Amount Details

The anticipated available annual funding rate is $5,000 per year for each Homeless Senior Unit plus an annual inflator of up to 2% through the term for each contract.


Five years with a four-year option to renew, unless the proposer requires a different term based on other funding requirements.

Network Notes

Awards are preliminary. Final awards will be contingent upon an updated Letter of Support from HPD confirming site control, rental assistance and anticipated construction closing date. Preliminary Awards may expire within two (2) years if a second Letter of Support from HPD, including an anticipated construction closing date, is not obtained.

The program looks for applicants who will provide a range of services and engagement opportunities for all seniors with “light touch case assistance targeted for seniors who have histories of homelessness.” Contractors who apply for funding should have experience delivering services to seniors with low incomes, cultural and linguistic competency where needed, and a respectful administration of services. Contractors are also expected to have a 1:20 ratio of staff to formerly homeless tenants. More specific qualifications can be found in the full RFP. 

For More Information

This RFP is only available via the HHS Accelerator system to those organizations prequalified in the relevant service areas. To log into the HHS Accelerator system click here. If you are not registered in HHS Accelerator please click here.

Patricia Dawson

Last updated: 08/11/2017

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