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Supportive Housing Opportunity Program (SHOP) is a statewide capital development program used to finance and build supportive housing.  SHOP is available through both the Multifamily Finance (9%) and Open Window (4%) programs. The use of SHOP funding is limited to projects with service and operating award through Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative (ESSHI) or other local municipal agencies. 

SHOP provides financing assistance for site acquisition, hard costs and related soft costs associated with the new construction of or the adaptive reuse of a non-residential property to affordable integrated supportive housing with on-site social services. Financing is only available for site-specific multi-family rental housing that will have first mortgages financed by tax-exempt or taxable bonds issued by HFA or will receive an award of 9% LIHTC. 

Tenant Eligibility Criteria

Families, individuals and/or young adults who are both homeless and have one or more disabling conditions or other life challenges, including:

Definition of Homeless: In order to be considered homeless for the purposes of this RFP, an individual must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. an un-domiciled person (whether alone or as a member of a family) who is unable to secure permanent and stable housing without special assistance. This includes those who are inappropriately housed in an institutional facility and can safely live in the community and those young adults, survivors of domestic violence, and individuals with I/DD who are at risk of homelessness;

  2. a youth or young adult who left foster care within the prior five years and who was in foster care at or over age 16, and who is without permanent and stable housing;

  3. an adult or young adult reentering the community from incarceration or juvenile justice placement, who was released or discharged, and who is without permanent and stable housing; or

  4. a young adult between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age without a permanent residence.

Eligible Applicants

Nonprofit organizations or private for-profit developers are eligible to apply.

80% of SHOP funding will be prioritized for developments controlled by nonprofit organizations. Joint ventures must be majority controlled by the nonprofit partner in order to be eligible for this prioritization.


Per Unit Maximum Award through the HFA Open Window RFP:

Per Unit Maximum Award through the HCR's Multifamily Programs Unified Funding RFP for 2021:


HCR requires a regulatory agreement of at least 40 years.

Network Notes

For More Information

Read the Winter 2022 HCR term sheet here.


Open Window RFP Contact:

New York State Homes and Community Renewal
(212) 872-0537 

Multifamily Finance (9%) RFP Contacts:

Darren Scott, Upstate Director of Development East
(518) 795-5016

Leonard Skrill, Upstate Director of Development West
(518) 461-6591

Ayanna Wayner, Downstate Director of Development
(212) 872-0506

Last updated: 02/27/2022

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