Movement Building

One of our core values is to foster a community of supportive housing developers and providers in New York State with the goal of advancing the creation of more supportive housing and preserving existing units.

Here are some ways we support our community:

We educate: We are constantly updating our members to inform them of new policy changes, advocacy campaigns and other important developments in the world of supportive housing.

We advocate: The Network advocates on behalf of its members to ensure adequate funding and other provisions are in place. Our goal is to bring the voices of the supportive housing community members to the lawmakers and government officials at the city, state and federal levels.

We listen:  We bring our members together to hear from each other and share best practices. We also listen to their issues and concerns and find solutions with the community’s help.

We train:  The Network provides its members training and capacity building workshops and events to help our members build and provide social services as best as they could.

Our signature events include:

The Annual New York State Supportive Housing Conference 

The Annual Awards Gala

Become a member

The Network offers membership to nonprofits as well as corporations involved in the world of supportive housing. Learn more about membership benefits and how to apply here.

Interested in finding out more about the Network’s role in supportive housing over the years? Check out our 30 years of innovation series.