Racial Equity in Supportive Housing (RESH)


The Racial Equity in Supportive Housing Workgroup is excited to announce the upcoming Readying Emerging Leaders in Supportive Housing (RELISH) Program, which prepares Black emerging leaders in the nonprofit homeless and housing sector for upward mobility. The program offers bi-weekly seminars and mentorship, providing scholars with the management, leadership, and networking skills they need to succeed. There is a $2,500 program fee for scholars, which covers tuition and meals on campus. There is no fee to become a mentor. Sessions will be held in-person at Silberman School of Social Work: 2180 Third Ave, New York, NY. Orientation and graduation location TBA. 

If you are interested in being a scholar, apply HERE.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or nominating a person to become a mentor, apply/nominate HERE


See below for a recording of the RELISH information session hosted by RESH


The Racial Equity in Supportive Housing (RESH) Workgroup is a volunteer affinity group launched in 2020 to examine and implement tangible solutions to advance leadership and racial equity for NYS supportive housing stakeholders who identify as Black.

RESH’s mission is to advocate for policies and practices that advance racial and wage equity and improve the quality of life for Black people connected to the supportive housing sector.

Black people have been historically and disproportionately impacted by poverty and homelessness, and face the most systemic barriers to accessing economic and social opportunities. In New York, nearly 70% of the homeless population is Black, and 80% of workers providing  care for the homeless or formerly homeless are women of color.  Yet, data shows that the leadership of organizations providing services does not often reflect the populations they serve. The mission and vision of RESH is to break down the systemic and systematic barriers that prevent our workforce and client base from thriving.

Committee Chairs:

Nicole Clare, Chief Real Estate Development Officer, BRC
Diane Louard-Michel, Executive Director, Lantern Community Services
Tierra Labrada, Associate Director of Advocacy and Outreach, Supportive Housing Network of New York
Jeannette Ruffins, Chief Executive Officer, Homeward NYC (dba West End Residences)
Mark Jennings, Executive Director, Project FIND
Fred Shack, President and CEO, Urban Pathways


Tierra Labrada
Associate Director of Advocacy and Outreach
The Supportive Housing Network of New York

Mark Jennings
Executive Director
Project Find
212-874-0300 x 213