About Us

The Supportive Housing Network of New York is a nonprofit membership organization with offices in New York City and Albany. The Network represents over 200 nonprofits that develop and operate supportive housing. As the only supportive housing membership organization in the state, the Network serves as a voice for the provider community, which has created the largest, best-managed and most innovative supportive housing stock in the nation.

The Network, established in 1988, continues to expand alongside the rapid growth of supportive housing. It now includes almost every supportive housing provider in New York. It also includes over 80 affiliate and corporate partners. Thanks in part to the Network’s advocacy efforts, New York is now home to over 50,000 units of supportive housing.

See the sections below to learn more about the Network and its decades-long commitment to supportive housing in New York.

Mission & Vision

A breakdown of the Network’s core education, policy, research, advocacy and training goals.

Network Members

A complete list of the Network’s nonprofit, corporate and affiliate members.

Recent Accomplishments

A list of the Network's recent budget, policy and advocacy successes on the City, State and federal level.

Network Staff

Contact information for the Network’s staff members in New York City and Albany.

Board of Directors

Information on the Network's 17-member Board of Directors.

Network History

A comprehensive account of the birth of supportive housing and the Network.


A listing of recent editions of Network News, the Network's monthly e-newsletter.

Press Releases

News from the Supportive Housing Network of New York.

What’s New

An archive of recent updates to the Network’s website.


Information on how your organization can become a member of the Network.


Email, phone and fax information for the Network’s New York City and Albany branches.