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Supportive Housing Program




Capital, Operating, Services



Procurement Agency


AKA/Previously Known As

For most updated info please refer to Continuum of Care (McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Program). The Network will no longer update this page, as all funding now goes through the Continuum of Care/McKinney-Vento Program.

Total Annual Award

This program represented part of the $180 million that New York State receives in McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Program funding. 

Tenant Eligibility Criteria

For permanent supportive housing, tenants must be homeless individuals and families with disabilities including mental illness, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. Funding was used for a non-disabled homeless population for services and/or transitional housing.

Eligible Applicants

Permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and support services only.

Funding Award Details

Part of the $180 million that New York State received in McKinney-Vento funding in 2010. That year, HUD awarded $6,123,529 for 25 new permanent supportive housing projects and $46,096,964 to renew 231 existing projects.

Amount Details

Up to $400,000 for capital. Open on operating and services.


Initial grant is for two or three years, after which the grant is renewable annually.

Network Notes

Projects must have had site control within one year of initial award. Capital funding was limited to $400,000 and requires a 100% match. Operating funding required a 25% cash match. Services funding required a 20% cash match. Rental assistance was not adjustable once the fair market rent is set.  

OTDA or DHS may negotiate a reimbursement rate with each provider, related to the size of the building and ranging from $125 to $200 per unit per month.

For More Information

To learn more about the Supportive Housing Program, visit HUD's website. Resources include a program overview and factsheet.

HUD Buffalo Field Office
William O'Connell
(716) 551-5755, x5800

HUD New York Regional Office
Vincent Hom
(212) 542-7401

Last updated: 07/06/2017

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