NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance

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New York City

Procurement Agency



NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance is project-based rental assistance for congregate supportive housing in NYC. It may only be used with NYC 15/15 services funding.

Tenant Eligibility Criteria

Households meeting the population criteria for HRA’s RFP for NYC 15/15 Congregate Supportive Housing services.

Eligible Applicants

Project must have a tentative award letter for the HRA Provision of Congregate Supportive Housing services in order to receive an award for NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance. Applicants for NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance should be owners who are developing supportive housing. Eligible applicants may be nonprofit organizations or partnerships between nonprofit and for-profit entities.


Initial rents will be set at up to the FMR, and owners may request 2% increase annually. Tenants will pay 30% of their income toward rent. Starting in 2019, HPD will provide a schedule of rents for underwriting purposes.


Initial contract term of 15 years

Network Notes

For More Information

See HPD's website here and the FAQ document here.


By email:

Or by mail to:

NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance Program, NYC HPD
100 Gold Street, Room 9C-10
New York, NY 10038 

Last updated: 08/26/2019

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