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The OMH Scattered Site supportive housing program provides bundled service and operating funding in NYS.  This program is also referred to as OMH Supported Housing

Tenant Eligibility Criteria

The most recent 2023 RFPs prioritize people experiencing homelessness and re-entry populations outside of New York City. A mental health diagnosis is not required.

Eligible Applicants

Nonprofit providers of permanent supportive housing.


Ranges between $18,000/year to $30,000/year per unit for rent and services, depending on location.  Applicants may apply for 25 units for homeless adults in 10 locations and between 10 and 25 units for re-entry in 7 locations.


Contracts are awarded for five (5) years, and will likely renew.

Network Notes

For the Homeless Adult RFP

RFP Release Date 08/09/2023
Questions Due 08/28/2023
Questions and Answers Posted on Website 09/14/2023
Proposals Due by 2:00:00 p.m. EST 09/27/2023
Anticipated Award Notification 10/30/2023
Anticipated Contract Date 01/01/2024

For the Re-Entry RFP

RFP Release Date 08/16/2023
Questions Due 09/05/2023
Questions and Answers Posted on Website 09/21/2023
Proposals Due by 2:00:00 p.m. EST 10/18/2023
Anticipated Award Notification 11/17/2023
Anticipated Contract Date 02/01/2024

For More Information

To view the most recent homeless adult RFP, click here.

To view the most recent re-entry adult RFP, click here.


Carol Swiderski 
Contract Management Specialist II 
New York State Office of Mental Health  
Contracts and Claims 7th Floor 
44 Holland Avenue Albany, NY 12229

Last updated: 09/11/2023

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