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October November Community Corner image

October November Community Corner


The first supportive housing built to serve homeless Native Americans opened in 1996 in Minneapolis MN: Anishinabe Wakiagun – The People’s Home. The 45-unit four story apartment building serves native people struggling with substance use disorder.

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Homeless Services Pioneer Stephanie Cowles Passes image

Homeless Services Pioneer Stephanie Cowles Passes


We apologize for the lateness of this commemoration of Project Renewal’s Stephanie Cowles who passed away September 11th. Stephanie was a leading light of innovation for nearly 45 years, having created the nation’s first non-medical detox where people withdrawing from drugs and alcohol could do so outside a hospital setting. The model was adopted statewide and when Stephanie retired, Project Renewal named their de-tox in her honor: The Stephanie Cowles Treatment Center.

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Joe DeGenova Retires from CUCS image

Joe DeGenova Retires from CUCS


After 34 years at CUCS, Joe DeGenova has stepped down as the organization’s CEO having started at the organization as assistant Program Director in 1989. Before becoming CEO, Joe worked alongside CEO Tony Hannigan as Deputy Director for 19 years, helping to grow the organization from four programs with a budget of five million dollars to one with 24 programs and a budget of $39 million. He helped grow CUCS affiliate Janian Medical Care among a raft of accomplishments. He and Tony were bedrocks of the supportive housing community and saw its growth from a handful of projects and providers to its well-earned reputation for the most effective means of helping those most in need into homes and health.  His tenure as CEO was all too brief and he shall be deeply missed.

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Jerrisa White, Outstanding Tenant of the Year image

Jerrisa White, Outstanding Tenant of the Year


Senior Case Manager Mariah Mallory, a longtime staffer at Access: Supports for Livings says, “When I think about how much supportive housing can help people, I think of Jerrisa.” No wonder: since moving into her apartment at Temple Hill Apartments six years ago, Jerrisa has completed a Medical Certification program, has earned her driver’s license, and has secured a good paying job as a medical assistant. Oh, and did we mention that she also gave birth to twin boys five years ago and another boy a year ago?

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Jimmy Rivera, Outstanding Tenant of the Year image

Jimmy Rivera, Outstanding Tenant of the Year


Jimmy Rivera is the longest surviving tenant in Project Hospitality’s HASA supportive housing, coming to the organization in the late 80’s. He has “volunteered his heart out” ever since according to PH’s President and CEO Rev. Terry Troia.

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