Below is a curated set of articles related to supportive housing in New York. Below "Important Articles" are articles that provide a broader overview on the supportive housing model.


Jennifer Egan on a Solution for Homelessness

Author Jennifer Egan follows several individuals as they transition into a new supportive-housing building in Brooklyn.

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NYC supportive housing needs support

Network Executive Director Pascale Leone and Fortune Society President and CEO Joanne Page on the need for supportive housing support to maintain the well-being of tenants and programs for years to come in this Op-Ed for the NY Daily News.

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A Journey from Homelessness to a Room of One’s Own

Author Jennifer Egan follows the experience of tenants at Breaking Grounds 90 Sands and captures the myriad challenges and triumphs of vulnerable New Yorkers.

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Protect New York City’s Supportive Housing Providers in the Face of a Mounting Crisis

Network Executive Director Pascale Leone and Homeless Services United Executive Director Catherine Trapani on the need to protect existing housing for formerly homeless New Yorkers and build more in this Op-Ed for the Gotham Gazette.

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Two Supportive-Housing Projects Make the Case for Building Many More

Two new supportive residences – Breaking Ground’s 90 Sands and Comunilife’s El Bouriquen – are profiled as shining examples of the model; the Network’s Pascale Leone and Cynthia Stuart are quoted on supportive housing’s cost-effectiveness and the need for much much more of it.

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Opinion: Supportive Housing Can Help Break the Cycle Between Homelessness and Incarceration

Network Chief Operating Officer Cynthia Stuart on the need for specialized supportive housing for justice-involved individuals in this Op-Ed for CityLimits.

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Important Articles


For Homeless, Supportive Housing Provides Path to Normalcy

A group of formerly homeless people played bingo in the basement of a Bronx apartment building one recent afternoon, trying to win prizes such as movie tickets and bottles of laundry detergent.

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Take This Apartment and Call Me in the Morning

Lissette Encarnacion lives at The Brook, but she used to live under a bridge beside the Gowanus Canal.

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Still Housing the Needy, In a Changed Manhattan

In a wide-open ballroom in Manhattan last week, a room with gilded columns and dark herringbone floors, men and women in dark suits sat at a reception for a retiring city official, listening to speeches as they munched on tidy portions of chicken and salad greens.

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A good neighbor for anyone after all

She didn't have a complaint or a problem. She just wanted the world to know about her home and the organization that saved her life.

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It Takes a Village

Around the corner came a little golden ball of sunshine named Madison, dressed head to toe in pink, hair arranged in Afro puffs, one wrist covered in turquoise beaded bracelets, arms opened wide. She wrapped those arms around a teacher’s legs, hugged them close and looked up with the kind of smile that sets the world right.

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Good Neighbors

New York City pioneered the strategy of providing homeless people not just with housing but with drug treatment, psychiatric care and other services they need to live successfully on their own.

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