2016 Conference Workshops

All available speaker Powerpoints can be downloaded by clicking on speaker's name.

SERIES A: 10:30 AM – 12:00

Tackling the Housing & Homelessness Crisis  

Shubert Complex, 6th floor
With New York City facing a perfect storm of an affordable housing crisis and record homelessness, state and city officials are at a crossroads on what policies and strategies will best turn the tide. Come hear a lively discussion between city and state leaders on the actions and new programs that New York City and New York State are taking to address the homelessness crisis and to better meet the housing needs and services for some of the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

Steven Banks, Commissioner, NYC Department of Social Services
Vicki Been, Commissioner, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
Michael Perrin, Executive Deputy Commissioner, NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
James S. Rubin, Commissioner & CEO, NYS Homes and Community Renewal
Ann Marie T. Sullivan, M.D., Commissioner, NYS Office of Mental Health

Moderator: Laura Mascuch, Executive Director, Supportive Housing Network of New York

Innovative Financing in Supportive Housing 


Manhattan, 8th Floor
After a decade of developing supportive housing under NY/NY III, developers, funders, banks and investors have become more savvy and creative in financing deals. Learn about innovative financing in New York City-funded projects that push the envelope of what is possible. Hear from government funders what they think the future holds in NYC supportive housing development.

Emily Lehman, Director of Planning and Development, Division of Special Needs Housing, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
Jerry Mascuch, Vice President of Real Estate,Win
Gary Rodney, President, NYC Housing Development Corporation
Deborah VanAmerongen, Strategic Policy Advisor, Nixon Peabody LLP

Moderator: Richard Roberts, Managing Director - Acquisitions, Red Stone Equity Partners, LLC

The Changing Nature of HIV/AIDS & the Impact on Housing & Services               
Majestic 1, 6th floor
As HIV/AIDS has changed over the years from an inescapable death sentence to a chronic illness, it has had a sig- nificant impact on the housing and services for people living with the disease. Come hear from a panel of providers who have served this population over the past two decades to learn more about how these changes have impacted both the supportive housing model and its tenants.

James Dill, Executive Director, Housing & Services, Inc.
Rosa Gil, M.D., President & CEO, Comunilife
Jacquelyn Kilmer, CEO, Harlem United Community AIDS Center

Moderator: Kelsey Louie, President & CEO, Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center

Finding & Housing High Need Medicaid Recipients: Harder Than You’d Think      
Majestic 2, 6th floor
The Medicaid Redesign Team Supportive Housing Program had as one of its goals providing supportive  housing to the highest need/highest cost Medicaid recipients, but figuring out who these individuals are and housing them has proven extremely difficult wherever it’s been tried. Hear about approaches being used in New York as well as those being tried around the country.

Arturo V. Bendixen, Executive Director, Center for Housing and Health
Bonnie Mohan, Director, Bronx Health and Housing Consortium
Elizabeth Oudens, M.D., Behavioral Health Medical Director, NY Medicaid, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HealthPlus

Moderator: Rachael Pine, Program Officer, Altman Foundation

Storytelling for Tenants
Sky Lobby, 16th floor
StoryCorps, the nationally recognized nonprofit that hones real-life stories for both a weekly program on NPR and a collection at the Library of Congress, will return to present a new version of last year’s popular workshop tailored for supportive housing tenants and staff. StoryCorps staff will highlight the uses of storytelling in building commu- nity, strengthening bonds between tenants and staff, and developing self-esteem; give a hands-on demonstration of successful interviewing techniques; and screen short animations of their most popular broadcasts related to home- lessness.

Workshop Powerpoint

Morgan Feigal-Stickles, Facilitator, National, StoryCorps
Sylvie Lubow, Program Manager, Military Voices Initiative, StoryCorps
Dina Zempsky, Program Director, StoryCorps

Introduction: Jeff Nemetsky, Executive Director, Brooklyn Community Housing and Services

Serving Young Families 
Liberty, 8th floor
Serving vulnerable families in supportive housing is always a challenge, but serving young families – with young parents often coming from years in foster care or homelessness – is even more so. This panel will include some promising practices that are applicable to all family supportive housing programs. Joining the panel is the Par- enting Journey, an organization that has developed a nationally recognized group model and training curriculum that has had success in serving a broad range of vulnerable families.

Janell Abraham, Child Life Specialist, Services for the UnderServed
Andrele Jean-Charles, Training Director, Parenting Journey
Theresa Munson, Child Life/Independent Living Specialist, Good Shepherd Services
Reed Christian, Program Director, The Door
Emily Wyman, Clinical Supervisor, Services for the UnderServed

Moderator: Mary Adams, Managing Director of Mental Health & Wellness, University Settlement House/The Door

HCBS/DSRIP/ThriveNYC and Supportive Housing                                                            
Wilder, 4th floor
Everything you always wanted to know about what HCBS, DSRIP, and ThriveNYC mean for supportive housing. Participate in a Q&A with leading policy makers from the NYS OMH and NYC DOHMH on various mental health topics.

Robert Myers, Ph.D, Senior Deputy Commissioner & Division Director, NYS Office of Mental Health
Gary Belkin, M.D., Executive Deputy Commissioner for Mental Hygiene, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Moderator: Steve Coe, CEO, Community Access Inc.

A Decade of Greening Supportive Housing


Ziegfeld, 4th floor
While financial incentives have helped supportive/affordable housing owners make capital improvements that improve energy efficiency in a number of ways, there is still a disconnect between available financing and owners’ needs. Listen to experts in the field talk about lessons learned and new opportunities, and bring your own experiences and challenges to the discussion.

Rob Crauderueff, CEO & Founder, Crauderueff & Associates
Ariel Krasnow, Senior Project Manager for Real Estate Development, West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing
Jay Merves, Director of Business Development, NYC Energy Efficiency Corporation
Yvonne Stennett, Executive Director, Community League of the Heights

Moderator: Lindsay Robbins, Senior Advocate, Urban Solutions, Natural Resources Defense Council

SERIES B: 1:30 PM–3:00 PM

NYC’s 15,000 Units! Nuts & Bolts

Shubert Complex, 6th floor
Mayor de Blasio made a historic commitment to create 15,000 new units of supportive housing over the next 15 years. Listen to key members of the Supportive Housing Task Force talk about the work accomplished so far, the roll out of the units, and their vision for the future.

Workshop Powerpoint

Jessica Katz, Assistant Commissioner & Special Advisor, NYC Housing, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
Kristin Misner-Gutierrez, Deputy Commissioner for Supportive/Affordable Housing and Services, NYC Human Resources Administration
Gail Wolsk, Director, Office of Housing Services, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Moderator & panelist: Tony Hannigan, President & CEO, Center for Urban Community Services

Joint Ventures: Partnering to End Homelessness


Manhattan, 8th floor
Since supportive housing’s inception, nonprofit organizations have always served as the developers of new residences to house the most vulnerable, creating a robust and savvy nonprofit development community here in New York.  Soaring land prices and more hard debt in deals have driven some nonprofits to seek out for profit development partners. Join a team of experts in joint venture development to discuss best practices for successful joint venture partnerships.

Arlo Monell Chase, Senior Vice President of Real Estate & Property Development, Services for the UnderServed
Karen Sherman, Attorney, ShermanLaw
Benjamin Warnke, Principal, Alembic Community Development

Moderator: Maurice Coleman, Senior Vice President & Client Manager, Global Commercial Banking, Bank of America

Working with Bonds & 4% Credits: Send Lawyers, Consultants & Money                
Majestic 1, 6th floor
This workshop will take a detailed look at recent supportive housing deals funded with 4% credits, including deals that were converted from 9%. It will also take a look ahead to New York State’s Supportive Housing Opportunity Program.

Chris Betts, President, Betts Housing Partners LLC
Ralph Fasano, Executive Director, Concern for Independent Living
Marian Zucker, President, Finance & Development, NYS Homes and Community Renewal

Moderator: Aaron Yowell, Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP

Meditation for Supportive Housing  
Sky Lobby, 16th floor
Tenants and staff in supportive housing are increasingly turning to simple mindfulness practices to foster resil- ience, healing, and as a way to cultivate well-being for the whole residence and community. The workshop will begin with a brief guided meditation, share examples of different approaches to meditation, and review how meditation has had positive effects on different parts of our community.

Leslie Booker, Founder, Urban Sangha Project & Director of Trainings, Lineage Project
Eversley Corbin, Program Manager, Genesis II/Wazobia Supportive Housing, Services for the UnderServed
Daiken Nelson, Sensei & Founder of Mandala Kitchens & Café
Sasha Parmasad, TM instructor & Associate Director, Women’s Initiative, David Lynch Foundation PPT1, PPT2

Moderator: Jonathan F.P. Rose, President, Jonathan Rose Companies & Co-Founder, Garrison Institute

Tackling Hoarding in Supportive Housing 
Liberty, 8th floor
Back by popular demand, Lee Shuer of Mutual Support returns to the Network conference with his very popular Buried In Treasure (BIT) training – how to help individuals with hoarding issues reduce clutter. This year, he and Stacy Matuza will also talk about how they are working together to bring BIT to supportive housing.

Lee Shuer, Founder, Mutual Support Consulting
Stacy Matuza, Deputy Chief Program Officer, Center for Urban Community Services

Innovations in Scattered Site Housing 
Wilder, 4th floor
Between rising rents, gentrification and severely underfunded contracts, the scattered site model faces increasing challenges, particularly in New York City. Come and participate in a discussion of some innovative approaches that providers are using to deal with the fiscal and clinical challenges of this model.

Katie Bower, Director of Substance Abuse Housing, Project Renewal
Wanda Cruz-Lopez, Senior Vice-President, Services for the UnderServed

Moderator: Lisa Green, Senior Vice-President of Residential Services, The Bridge

Housing First For All: From Young Adults to Seniors  


Ziegfeld, 4th floor
Housing First is both very successful and very challenging. Hear from providers working with tenants of all ages about how they cope with the ethical dilemmas and the day-to-day challenges of this approach. Panelists will discuss their strategies for engaging with a broad range of tenants.

Scott Auwarter, Assistant Executive Director, BronxWorks, Inc.
Joe McKenzie-Hamilton, Program Director, West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, Inc.
Robert Yancey, Program Director, Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, Inc.

Moderator: Kevin O’Connor, Executive Director, Joseph’s House and Shelter

SERIES C: 3:20 PM–4:45 PM

NYS Interagency Approach to Building 20,000 Units of Supportive Housing 

Shubert Complex, 6th floor Governor Cuomo made a historic commitment to fund 20,000 units of supportive housing statewide over the next 15 years.  State agencies have started putting plans in motion to get those units up and running.  Hear from state agency leaders on the various ways to access service, operating and capital resources to help the state build the first 6,000 units over the next five years.

Bret Garwood, Senior Vice President, Multifamily Programs, NYS Homes and Community Renewal
Brett Hebner, Assistant Director, Bureau of Housing and Support Services, NYS Offi                          of Temporary and Disability Assistance
Elizabeth Misa, Deputy Medicaid Director, Office of Health Insurance Programs, NYS Department of Health
Moira Tashjian, Associate Commissioner, NYS Office of Mental Health, Adult Community Care Group Division of Adult Services

Moderator: Brenda Rosen, President & CEO, Breaking Ground

NY/NY III: What Worked? What Didn’t?  


Manhattan, 8th floor
NY/NY III wasn’t just the largest commitment to supportive housing ever at its signing; it was by far the most ambitious, involving eleven agencies and providing housing to nine different populations, many for the fi   time. This panel will look at what was learned over the past decade: what worked, and for whom. Panelists will also dis- cuss how this knowledge can inform the implementation of New York City’s new 15,000 unit supportive housing commitment.

Michael Bosket, Deputy Commissioner, NYC Human Resources Administration
Myla Harrison, M.D., Assistant Commissioner, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Joanne Oplustil, President & CEO, CAMBA & CAMBA Housing Ventures

Moderator: Ted Houghton, Executive Director, Gateway Demonstration Assistance Corp.

CoCs Today: Crisis and/or Opportunity? 
Majestic 1, 6th floor
This year’s Continuum of Care awards were highly competitive and the results were controversial. Come hear  HUD’s vision for the program moving forward and how Continuum participants can best position their communi- ties to maximize resources to end homelessness.

Nancy Chiarella, Executive Director, CARES
Norm Suchar, Director of the Offi   of Special Needs Assistance Programs, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Suzanne Wagner, Principal, Housing Innovations, LLC

Moderator: Linda Glassman, Deputy Commissioner, NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance

Staying Alive: Nonprofits at Risk
Majestic 2, 6th floor
The Human Services Council recently released a groundbreaking report quantifying the precarious financial situ- ation nonprofits find themselves in at this point in time, especially those that depend largely on government con- tracts. This workshop will summarize those findings and offer advice and tools on how groups can better assess risk moving forward.

David Garza, Executive Director, Henry Street Settlement
Michelle Jackson, Associate Director & General Counsel, Human Services Council of New York
John MacIntosh, Partner, SeaChange Capital Partners

Moderator: Donna Colonna, CEO, Services for the UnderServed

Reboot: Body-Centered Movement Practices to Reduce Stress/Enhance Well-Being
Sky Lobby, 16th floor
Yoga, dance, body conditioning and other techniques that draw upon diverse cultural traditions offer easy ways to refresh and recharge during the day. Movement practices contribute to positive socialization, health benefits that counter some of the negative side effects of certain medications, and provide an opportunity for staff/client bonding. Panelists will provide hands-on instruction and share evidence-based research into the efficacy of these practices.

This is a participatory workshop.

Karisa Antonio, Director of Arts, Culture, & Fitness, Lantern Community Services
David Brand, MSW & Certified Personal Trainer, Lantern Community Services
Katurah Hutcheson, Yoga Teacher, Brooklyn Yoga School
Eryc Taylor, Founder & Artistic Director, Eryc Taylor Dance

Moderator: Sarah Schenck, Chief Digital & Communications Officer, Supportive Housing Network of New York

ECHO: Elder Care Health Outreach
Liberty, 8th floor
In 2013, Breaking Ground, in collaboration with CUCS and Janian Medical Care, developed an innovative set of services—Elder Care Health Outreach—to improve quality of life and to lower health care costs of tenants as they age. After a year in operation, they have data on outcomes, lessons learned, and plans to expand.

Workshop Powerpoint

Shaun Adams, Project Director, Prince George, Center for Urban Community Services
Emily Geteris, Primary Care Provider, Janian Medical Services
Chloe Marin, ECHO Program Coordinator, Breaking Ground
Van Yu, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Janian Medical Services

Introduction: Paul Freitag, Executive Director, West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing

Creative Community Engagement: Building Allies for Buildings 
Wilder, 4th floor
As sites become scarcer and more expensive, developers are using creative strategies to engage the community, access existing resources and offer communities outward-facing amenities in their buildings. Join community outreach experts in discussing clever ways for developers to provide neighborhood assets in supportive housing. Hear from government partners about lessons learned in the field. Learn about successful community engagement mechanisms that build allies for our community.

Louisa Chafee, Senior Vice President, External Relations and Public Policy, UJA Federation of New York
Daniel Hernandez, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Neighborhood Strategies, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
Mike McCarthy, Director, New York Office, Alembic Community Development

Moderator: Beatriz de la Torre, Managing Director, Housing Advisory Board, Robin Hood

ZQA & U: New Opportunities


Ziegfeld, 4th floor
With the adoption of the historic zoning text amendments known as ZQA, supportive housing developers have new op- portunities to increase density, mix use groups and build bigger and more functional buildings. Hear experts in planning, design, and development discuss the changes in detail and how they will impact supportive, senior, and affordable housing.

John E. Gearrity, Assistant Commissioner, Building and Land Development Services, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
Scott D. Pavan, RA, Borough Commissioner Development Hub, NYC Department of Buildings
Tony Shitemi, AIA, Partner, Urban Architectural Initiatives
Howard Slatkin, Deputy Executive Director, Strategic Planning, NYC Department of City Planning

Moderator: Sally Bernstein, B&B Urban