2019 Conference Workshops

The 2019 Annual New York State Conference included a morning keynote from Jason Reynolds and 23 workshops covering topics in finance, policy, and social services. Please see below for the videorecordings of the sessions and presentations.

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Series A Sessions

Building an Equity Culture and Transforming Your Organization

Mitigating racial, gender, and class inequities in your organization and its work goes beyond facilitating diversity in your workplace. This workshop will help you to analyze current systemic inequities within your agency’s power structure and policies and to elevate marginalized identities in your organization. View presentation PDF.

  • Amanda Misiko Andere, CEO, Funders Together to End Homelessness
  • Marc Dones, Executive Director, National Innovation Service
  • Oscia Miles, Cultural Competency Coordinator, YWCA Rochester

Moderator: Kelsey Louie, Executive Director, GMHC

New Challenges and Innovations in Supportive Housing Finance

NYC and NYS are constantly seeking new ways to accelerate the development of supportive housing. With new federal policies rolling out, plus ongoing challenges like rising construction costs and volume cap, funders and developers are thinking more creatively than ever. Panelists will discuss how they are responding to these challenges and creatively financing deals. View presentation PDF.

  • Ralph Fasano, Executive Director, Concern for Independent Living
  • Dana Greenberg, Assistant Director, Bureau of Housing and Support Services, NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
  • Sean Fitzgerald, Assistant Commissioner for Multi-Family Development, NYS Homes and Community Renewal
  • Molly Park, Deputy Commissioner for Development, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
  • Blanca Ramirez, Vice President, Hudson Housing Capital

Moderator: Amy Larovere, President, A. Larovere Consulting

LA County’s Everyone In Campaign: Promoting Supportive Housing Development… And Succeeding

Everyone In is a massive county-wide media, organizing, and advocacy campaign to build community and political support for developing supportive housing. And it’s moving the needle. Come hear from the organizing team about how they are changing hearts and minds in Los Angeles. View presentation PDF.

  • Mike Dennis, Director of Organizing, Everyone In Campaign
  • Gabriela Garcia, Deputy Director of Organizing, Everyone In Campaign
  • Frank Romero-Crockett, Impact Communications and Design Manager, United Way of Greater Los Angeles 

Moderator: Stephen Levin, NYC Council Member, District 33

Baby Boomed! Healthy Aging in Supportive Housing

The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) and Project FIND will share tips and lessons learned from their work promoting healthy aging for older adults in supportive housing. CSH will discuss insights gained from their Healthy Aging Academy and supply an analytical overview of recent demographic trends; Project FIND and Dr. Mira Batra will share property management, fiscal, and service strategies they have developed for helping seniors thrive as they age in their homesView presentation PDF.

  • Dr. Mira Batra, Physician, Internal Medicine, The Family Health Centers at NYU Langone
  • Mark Jennings, Deputy Director, Project FIND
  • Pascal Leone, Associate Director, Corporation for Supportive Housing

A New Patrol Paradigm: Community Policing & Supportive Housing

The cornerstone of today's NYPD is Neighborhood Policing, a comprehensive crime-fighting strategy built on improved communication and collaboration between local police officers and community residents. Panelists will discuss the strategies employed to build and strengthen relationships between Neighborhood Coordination Officers and the staff and tenants in supportive housing.

  • Eshawn Hall, Program Director, McLaughlin East Harlem Residence, Good Shepherd Services
  • Officer Kerri-Ann Smith and Officer Nibal Pena, Neighborhood Coordination Officers, 23rd Precinct
  • Madeline Vidal, Building Director, Breaking Ground, The Brook
  • Officer Adrian Zambrano and Officer Jordan Abidin, Neighborhood Coordination Officers, 40th Precinct

Moderator: Donovan Richards, NYC Council Member, District 31

Parenting Journey: Nurturing Families

An evidence-based model now embedded in NYC 15/15, Parenting Journey’s premise is that parenting is always hard — and exponentially more so in the context of racism, poverty, and trauma. In this experiential workshop, Parenting Journey staff will offer an overview of their approach to nurturing parents, families, and communities, and practical ways you can incorporate it into your organization. View presentation PDF.

  • Erica Brunner, Managing Director of Strategy, Parenting Journey
  • Kathryn Hamilton, New York Program Director, Parenting Journey

Moderator: Claire M. Harding-Keefe, Senior Vice-President, Homeless and Family Services, CAMBA, Inc.

More Than Self Care: One Agency's Experience with Staff Wellness & Resiliency

For the past several years, Concern for Independent Living has been developing new and successful means of supporting staff in what is often extremely stressful, trauma-inducing work. Come hear about their programs for supporting staff well-being at work and other effective strategies benefiting staff at University Settlement House/The Door. View presentation PDF.

  • Andrea Dogostiano, Program Director, Concern Bergen, Concern for Independent Living
  • James Mutton, Director of NYC Operations, Concern for Independent Living
  • Robin Smith, Director of Long Island Operations, Concern for Independent Living
  • Daniel Stern, Assistant Director, Supported Housing, Concern for Independent Living

Moderator: Mary Adams, Managing Director of Mental Health and Wellness, University Settlement House/The Door

Using Joint Ventures to Meet Nonprofit Goals

One critical goal that joint ventures can accomplish for nonprofit supportive housing providers is building expertise and capacity for future developments. This panel will explore the ways in which JVs can work as a launching pad. Going beyond deal mechanics and into the day-to-day work of partnering, learn how a JV can be your opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Michael F. Dehmler, Managing Member, CSD Housing LLC
  • Karen Gorman, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Resource Development, Federation of Organizations
  • Martha Masoero, Director of Housing Development, Services for the UnderServed

Moderator: Maygen Moore, Senior Community Investment Officer, Corporation for Supportive Housing

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Series B Sessions

City and State Responses to Homelessness

With the homelessness and affordable housing crises continuing to plague the city and many parts of the state, hear from state and city government leaders on what is being done to address both crises simultaneously and what policy shifts are needed to change the trajectory over the next few years.

  • Steven Banks, Commissioner, NYC Dept. of Social Services
  • Louise Carroll, Commissioner, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
  • Michael P. Hein, Commissioner, NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
  • Dr. Ann Marie T. Sullivan, Commissioner, NYS Office of Mental Health
  • RuthAnne Visnauskas, Commissioner/CEO, NYS Homes and Community Renewal

Moderator: Laura Mascuch, Executive Director, Supportive Housing Network of NY

Understanding Homelessness in the Context of Racism

Conducted by prominent anti-racist educator Marc Dones, this workshop will explore the glaring racial disparities in homelessness trends and trajectories. It will tell the story of the roots of racism that have informed the current crisis and provide participants with the historical context to understand better the people they serve and their communities.

  • Marc Dones, Executive Director, National Innovation Service

Introducer: Diane Louard Michel, Executive Director, Lantern Community Services

Caring for Others, Caring for Ourselves: Mindfulness in Practice

Stress is contagious! Taking care of our stress benefits our colleagues, our clients, and ourselves. This interactive workshop will teach mindfulness practices that professionals, paraprofessionals, and clinicians can use both for themselves and for client encounters. Practices taught will include mindfulness in stillness and movement; breath work; and formal and informal practices adapted for a range of clients, caregivers, and settings.

  • Lucia McBee, Educator, Mindfulness for Everyone/Columbia School of Social Work

​Introducer: Sherina Davis, Senior Learning Specialist, Learning and Staff Development Center, Safe Horizon

Making the Most of It: Maximizing Development in a Land-Scarce City

The real estate market has never been hotter in NYC. Supportive and affordable housing production are at an all-time high. In this climate, how can supportive housing developers keep their pipelines flowing? Panelists will discuss strategies and funding to acquire sites in the private market, maximizing density, and re-examining their portfolios to find new opportunities. View presentation PDF.

  • Theresa Cassano, Director, Supportive Housing Loan Program, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
  • David Cleghorn, Chief Housing Officer, HELP USA
  • Mike McCarthy, Director, Alembic Community Development
  • Anthony K. Shitemi, Principal, Urban Architectural Initiatives

Moderator: Beatriz de la Torre, Managing Director of Housing and Homelessness, Trinity Church Wall Street

Hope for Hoarding 

Lee and Becca Belofsky Shuer offer strategies and tips for dealing with three common scenarios pertaining to hoarding disorder in supportive housing: street-to-home move-ins, clutter accumulation, and bed bugs. CUCS’ Christine Boehler will share insights gained after running hoarding support groups in supportive housing. Attendees of this workshop will learn evidence-based skills to help address these common issues in a non-judgmental, harm reducing, person-centered mannerView presentation PDF.

  • Christine Boehler, Program Director, Center for Urban Community Services
  • Becca Belofsky Shuer, Co-founder, Mutual Support Consulting, LLC
  • Lee Shuer, Co-founder, Mutual Support Consulting, LLC

All Roads Lead to Home: Limiting Barriers to Housing for People with Justice Involvement

People with criminal records and those returning to communities from jail or prison face overwhelming barriers to accessing affordable and supportive housing. Panelists will discuss the current trends in re-entry, the barriers faced by those returning, and the innovative approaches taken to address the many unique needs of the growing population of people with justice involvement. The Fortune Society will share lessons learned through its creation of Castle Gardens for this population and its work with partners in Syracuse to replicate its successes. View presentation PDF.

  • JoAnne Page, President/CEO, The Fortune Society
  • David Condliffe, Executive Director, Center for Community Alternatives

Moderator: Alison Wilkey, Director of Public Policy, Prisoner Reentry Institute, John Jay College

Art Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions, and… Supportive Housing?

Everyone “knows” that art is a powerful vehicle for expression, growth and recovery. But with limited resources, how to access that power through programs on the ground is difficult. In this panel, program directors and artists share insights from renowned, interdisciplinary programs that have transformed lives, careers, and even social/political awareness in the cityView presentation PDF.

  • Amy Sharp, Director, Community Access Art Collective
  • Jack Horowitz, Artist and Member, Community Access Art Collective
  • Karisa Antonio, Director of Arts, Culture & Fitness, Lantern Community Services
  • Jennifer M. Awe, Acting School Director, The Alpha Workshops Studio School ​
  • Lonnie Braxton, Visual Artist, Alumni of The Alpha Workshops Studio School 

Everything’s Better with Peers
People with lived experience exponentially enrich programs for vulnerable individuals, whether by informing state policies or connecting directly with residents. Learn how the peer model works from the leader of the largest peer training program in the country, the creator of the first Peer Specialist civil service position in the state, as well as from peers themselves, serving both young adults and aging tenants in supportive housing. 

  • Celia Brown, Regional Advocacy Specialist, NYS Office of Mental Health
  • Lynnae Brown, Director, Howie the Harp
  • Willette Gibson, Peer Program Specialist, ACMH
  • Richie Hughes, Aging Services Peer Specialist, The Bridge

Moderator: Harvey Rosenthal, CEO, NYAPRS

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Series C Sessions

Lessons Learned from Building an Equity Framework in King County/Seattle to Tackle Homelessness

Over the past year, the National Innovation Service, a new systems transformation agency led by Marc Dones, has partnered with communities across the country to reconfigure and recalibrate their work with a racial equity lens and a ground-up approach. The presentation will focus on Marc's in-depth work with the homelessness response system in Washington state’s King County and Seattle to create a system that is equitable, accountable to the people that it serves, and responsive to customer need.

  • Marc Dones, Executive Director, National Innovation Service

Building on the Past, Looking to the Future: NYC 15/15 and ESSHI

NYC and NYS have made historic commitments to supportive housing over the next 15 years. Hear from city and state government partners on how the programs are progressing, service models, populations, and how to apply.

  • Jennifer Kelly, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Supportive/Affordable Housing and Services, NYC Human Resources Administration
  • Moira Tashjian, Associate Commissioner, Adult Community Care Group Division of Adult Services, NYS Office of Mental Health
  • Richard Umholtz, Director, Bureau of Housing and Support Services, NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
  • Gail Wolsk, Senior Director, Office of Housing Services, NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene

Moderator: Tony Hannigan, President/CEO, Center for Urban Community Services

What Happens in D.C… Impacts New York
Affordable housing experts will scan the breadth of federal legislation on the horizon and give their takes on possible threats and opportunities on the ground in NYS. The panel will discuss the fallout from proposed HUD rules regarding mixed-status families and LGBT household protections, looming changes to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), potential improvements for housing tax credits through legislation, and the ever-evolving guidance on Opportunity Zones, among other hot topics in D.C.

  • Eric Enderlin, President, NYC Housing Development Corporation
  • Jonathan Harwitz, Managing Director of Federal Policy and Government Affairs, Low Income Investment Fund
  • Diane Yentel, CEO, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Moderator: Richard Roberts, Principal Managing Director, Acquisitions, Red Stone Equity Partners, LLC

Harm Reduction = Common Sense

What are the basic principles of harm reduction, in language that just plain makes sense? What are some of the particular issues that present themselves in supportive housing? What are some tools you can use when working with people who are using drugs? Nina Herzog, with 20-plus years of experience using harm reduction in supportive housing, shares practical approaches alongside staff from Jericho Project’s Walton House. View presentation PDF.

  • Nina Herzog, Consultant
  • Shane Becker, Program Director, Jericho Project
  • Shyanne Hope-Cross, Young Adult Peer Mentor, Jericho Project

Prioritizing Preservation 

As supportive housing buildings age, they require multi-faceted solutions for physical upgrades as well as operating needs. Panelists will discuss the logistics of rehabbing with tenants in-place, strategies for right-sizing operating funding, working with consultants, and what capital programs best meet providers' preservation needs. View presentation PDF.

  • Kerry LaBotz, Assistant Commissioner, Preservation Finance, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
  • Niall Murray, Managing Principal, Rockabill Consulting-Development
  • Ismene Speliotis, Executive Director, MHANY Management, Inc.
  • Sara Tempel, Director of Policy and Rental Assistance, NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development

​Moderator: Michael G. Johnson, Vice President and Program Officer for Neighborhood Revitalization – Northeast Region, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

DV/IPV in Supportive Housing: How Can We Help? 

In this workshop, you will learn some of the fundamental dynamics of domestic violence and lessons learned on the ground from a new mixed supportive/affordable development dedicated specifically to serving survivorsView presentation PDF.

  • Jamie DeHart, Program Director, Unity House Troy
  • Dani DeLade, Program Coordinator, Safe Homes Project, Good Shepherd Services 
  • Jennica Petrik-Huff, Project Manager, The Community Builders

Moderator: Cecile Noel, Commissioner, NYC Mayor’s Office to End Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence

Deepening Support for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Residents of Supportive Housing

Supportive housing should be a space where all residents can freely and confidently express their gender and sexual orientation. Panelists will discuss the power of incorporating gender-affirming practices from management levels to front-line staff, while also sharing best practices for conflict mediation and supporting and promoting gender self-determination among all residents.

  • Roslyn Campbell, Program Manager at Project ALY (she, her, hers)
  • Mildred Ramirez, Program Director, West End Residences (she, her, hers)
  • Nikki Vega, TGNC Support Services Coordinator, The LGBT Community Center (they, them, theirs)

Moderator: Elana Redfield, Director of LGBTQI Affairs, Office of Advocacy and Outreach, NYC Dept. of Social Services (she, her, hers)

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