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Supportive housing was born in New York City in the early 80s, when a small group of  innovators realized that the  thousands of people sleeping on city streets didn't just need a place to live, they also needed a measure of support to STAY housed. Read about suppportive housing's a video about how neighbors perceive it in Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn...look at our photo gallery of residences from around the tenant 60 Minutes' feature on supportive about the Network's member organizations...check out reseach on supportive housing's effectiveness and cost effectiveness and its impact on neighborhood property values. Follow the links below to learn more about the vast world of supportive housing.

What Is Supportive Housing?

A primer on this unique housing model.

Tenant Profiles

Real-life tenants discuss how supportive housing has helped them in their times of greatest need.

Member Profiles

Read about the remarkable, trailblazing work of the Network's members.

In the Media

A list of recent news stories about supportive housing and the Network's members.

History of Supportive Housing

A detailed account of supportive housing and the cirumstances that preceded it.

Before and After Gallery

A series of before-and-after images that illustrate the transformative powers of supportive housing.


A collection of streaming videos on supportive housing.

Looking for Housing?

A list of resources for those seeking affordable or supportive housing across New York State.

Youth Programs

Info on supportive housing , education and employment resources for homeless youth.