HPD and HDC Increase M&O Rates By 10%

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HPD and HDC Increase M&O Rates By 10% image


In January of 2022, the Network, in collaboration with ANHD, NYSAFAH and LiveOn, offered joint recommendations to HDC and HPD for inclusion in the 2022 M&O Standards for New Construction.  The Network is pleased to share that several of the recommendations have been adopted into the finalized schedule.

Overall, the new standards increased 10.15% over 2021.

Of note,

This new standard will be effective for all new construction projects underwritten on or after April 1, 2022.

Thank you to our members for their ongoing support in raising M&O Standards and to HPD and HDC for the collaborative effort.  We will continue to collect information on M&O costs and advocate for adjustments to future schedules. Please contact Moira McComas with any questions or comments:

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