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We need to get Build Back Better passed and ensure it includes $150 Billion for affordable housing.  See here for sample tweets. 


Write/call/email today and thank Senators Schumer and  Gillibrand for their support thus far for funding for affordable and supportive housing in Build Back Better including funding the $15 Billion for the National Housing Trust Fund and $25 Billion for rental assistance and ask that they continue to fight for a substantial investment in affordable/supportive housing!

Email and call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to urge that any cuts to Build Back Better aren’t made at the expense of getting and keeping people housed.




  • Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.


Here is some of the NYS supportive housing the National Housing Trust Fund built:

  Dayspring Commons, Yonkers: opening this fall, Dayspring Commons will create homes for 63 families and individuals including 37 who had been homeless. The Commons is part of Dayspring Campus which includes a Community Center with education programs, after school programming, educational counseling and vocational training and a food pantry. $2.5 million in Housing Trust Fund capital leveraged $40 million for the Campus.

  Arthur Avenue Apartments, Bronx: opening this fall, the complex will provide homes to 177 low income and formerly homeless seniors. In addition to on-site support services Metro Community Health Clinic will be providing onsite primary care as well. The National Housing Trust Fund’s $2.2 million helped leverage $91 million in city, state, federal and private development funding.

  Starting Line Apartments, Utica: opened in October 2020 this affordable/supportive residence is home to 60 individuals and families at what is traditionally the starting point for Utica’s famed Boilermaker footrace. The $27 million complex utilized $900,000 in National Housing Trust Fund capital. 

  School Street Apartments, Yonkers: opening in 2022, the affordable/supportive School Street Apartments will provide homes to 80 low-income and formerly homeless households. The complex provides a library, an exercise room and landscaped outdoor space. $3.9 million from the National Housing Trust Fund leveraged a total of nearly $50 million total project cost. 

  Lock 7 Apartments, Oswego County: opening in 2022, half of the building’s 80 apartments will provide homes to homeless adults and families including those with mental illness as well as frail seniors. The building features a community room, lounges, and a computer lab. $3.3 million from The National Housing Trust Fund leveraged a total of nearly $74 million total project cost.

  Pope Francis Apartments at Loreto, Brooklyn: opening in the fall, the Pope Francis Apartments will provide 135 homes to formerly homeless and low-income seniors. The new apartment complex, built on the grounds of the former Our Lady of Loreto Church used  $4.2 million in National Housing Trust Fund monies as part of a total development cost of $42.8 million.

To read the HoUSed Campaign’s asks in New York State more broadly, see: 

- New York Federal Rental Assistance Fact Sheet (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) 

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