Supportive Housing in New York City

Supportive housing is for individuals and, to a lesser extent, families who are at serious risk of being chronically homeless because of one or more barriers to independence. About half of all New York City supportive housing is set aside for individuals coping with serious mental illness. Other disabling conditions for which there is a fair amount of supportive housing include HIV/AIDS, and chronic substance abuse.

However, due to new City and State initiatives, a limited but growing number of units are available for the following populations: at-risk families (including those headed by young adults), young adults, veterans, frail elderly, families and individuals escaping domestic violence and justice involved individuals.

In NYC, those wishing to apply for supportive housing must do so by having a case-worker or other professional submit an application called the 2010e which is entered electronically through the NYC Human Resources Administration PACT system. Approved providers include any NYC shelter, hospital staff, residential treatment program staff or mental health professionals. Any provider can make a request to have access to the PACT system in order to submit supportive housing applications. A half-hour survey will determine what types of supportive housing you are eligible for. If you think you are eligible for supportive housing but are not connected to someone who can submit an application you can contact the Coalition for the Homeless’ Crisis Intervention Program.  

Comprehensive information about accessing supportive housing is also available on the website of the NYC Human Resources Administration.

If you're living with a serious mental illness

…and are not in the homeless system, you can also contact the Center for Urban Community Services’ Single Point of Access.


If you have HIV/AIDS:

If you’re homeless or at serious risk of homelessness and you have HIV/AIDS, contact the NYC Human Resource Administration’s (HRA) HIV / AIDS Services Administration (HASA). If your case is approved, HASA will appoint you a case manager, who will then assist with the housing placement process. To contact HASA’s Service Line, call 1-212-971-0626.


If you're a veteran:

Veterans can access supportive housing through the NYC Office of Veterans’ Services.