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Financing a Tax Credit Deal
December 12, NYC, CohnReznick
Description: For nonprofits with less development experience, learn the basics of tax credits (4% and 9%), the budget sources and uses for a typical deal, and how to blend different sources of capital, service and operating funds available in New York State.
Presenter: Amy Larovere, President, A. Larovere Consulting
Open to: Nonprofit members

Coming in 2018…
Joint Venture Workshop – Level II
Joint Venture Mixer

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Foundations of Motivational Interviewing, Part 1
Motivational Interviewing (MI), developed by Miller and Rollnick, is an intervention that helps people recognize and address problem behavior (present or potential), and is intended to help resolve ambivalence and to get a person moving along the path to change.  MI serves as an important prelude to other treatment and services by creating an “openness” to change, which paves the way for further important therapeutic work.  This training provides an introduction to the basic principles and skills associated with MI including OARS, expressing empathy, rolling with resistance, and avoiding common roadblocks to change.  It also offers a foundation for Motivational Interviewing Part 2, which expands these skills into actual “change talk” and promotion of commitment to change.

****Accredited as a New York State Social Work Continuing Education Course and OASAS Certified

Just a reminder, please be on time, as you will not receive credit if you are more than 10 minutes late.

Date: Tuesday, December 12
Time: 9:30am-4pm
Location: Center for Urban Community Services, 198 East 121st Street, 5th Floor

You can register for this training here, and use the code SHNNY-MI-12-12-17 as the coupon code for your membership discount.

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