Conference Workshop Schedule

SERIES A: 10:30-12:00 pm

Shaping the Future of Housing and Support: Insights from NYC Commissioners  ASTOR BALLROOM, 7th Floor

Mediation Skills Training                                                                                                  SOHO COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Enhancing Stability: Innovative Service Models for Supportive Housing               EMPIRE COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Understanding New Ways to Prevent and Resolve a Crisis                                       MAJESTIC COMPLEX, 6th Floor

Empowering Future Leaders: BIPOC Mentorship in Nonprofits                               SHUBERT COMPLEX, 6th Floor

A New Lifesaving Overdose Strategy                                                                             CANTOR/JOLSON, 9th Floor

State of Supportive Housing: What We Learned, Where We’re Headed                WILDER, 4th Floor

The Power of Tenant Leaders: Building Stronger Communities                               ODETS, 4th Floor


SERIES B: 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

How NYS is Addressing Homelessness, Mental Health and Overdose Crises         ASTOR BALLROOM, 7th Floor

Risky Business: Insurance                                                                                                 SOHO COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Harm Reduction in Practice                                                                                              EMPIRE COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Exploring Hotel Conversions and Beyond                                                                       MAJESTIC COMPLEX, 6th Floor

Transformative Justice: What Happens After Incidents of Harm?                              SHUBERT COMPLEX, 6th Floor

Support not Punishment: Ending the Criminalization of Homelessness                   CANTOR/JOLSON, 9th Floor

Transforming Mental Health Crisis Response                                                                 WILDER, 4th Floor

Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries                                                                       ODETS, 4th Floor

SERIES C: 3:30-5:00 pm

Innovations to Support Older Adults                                                                      ASTOR BALLROOM, 7th Floor

Peers in the Workforce                                                                                              SOHO COMPLEX, 7th Floor

What to Expect When You’re Preserving (Supportive Housing)                          EMPIRE COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Greeting the Whole Family: Safe Interaction with Tenants’ Dogs                       MAJESTIC COMPLEX, 6th Floor

Preparing for Local Law 97                                                                                         SHUBERT COMPLEX, 6th Floor

ESSHI Halftime Pep Talk                                                                                              WILDER, 4th Floor

Hearing Voices that are Distressing                                                                           ODETS, 4th Floor