COVID-19 RESOURCES: Supplies and Miscellaneous Essential Items

Cloth Masks NEW
If you are an OMH or DOHMH funded program and would like cloth face masks, complete this survey by Monday, June 8th.

Coronavirus NYC Neighborhood Food Resource Guides NEW
Each resource guide includes information related to food access within the community, such as meals for students and seniors during this time, delivery services for people with disabilities, and resources for immigrants. Resource guides will be published and updated as rapidly as possible, in order of the NYC neighborhoods most impacted by poverty and food insecurity.

Aunt Bertha
Search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more by zip code.

Food Delivery for Homebound Residents 
Homebound residents can get food delivered to their apartment through the GetFoodNYC delivery program, The initiative provides food for coronavirus (COVID-19)-vulnerable & food-insecure individuals. Find out if you qualify: 

NYS Hand Sanitizer
County Office of Emergency Management
(518) 292-2200

Janitorial & Industrial Supplies
Strauss Paper
Steve Yastrub
(516) 551-8288

Prepaid Phones
·       Trac Phones
·       Target
·       Best Buy
·       Walmart
·       Amazon

·       Ebay

Enrichment & Entertainment for those Sheltering in Place
 - Good Ship Fortune
 - Solo Activites