FY 2020 City Budget Highlights

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The Network summarized key points from the City's Fiscal Year 2020 Budget, including both funding victories and failures for supportive housing.

Ahead of the July 1st start of the City’s Fiscal Year 2020, the Mayor and City Council reached a handshake deal on a budget of $92.8 billion on June 14th.

While there were some victories for housing and human services, the budget fails to provide funding for two critical priorities championed by the Network and our partners.


The first priority is $20 million in funding for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s (DOHMH) 1,800 scattered site apartments, providing for an increase in contract rates to match the more recent NYC 15/15 program. The rates for these programs are low – in some cases as low as $11,000 per unit – and providers are at a breaking point, often unable to cover even their clients’ rent, let alone services. (See Executive Director Laura Mascuch’s testimony before City Council here.) The $20 million made it into the City Council’s Response to the Mayor’s Preliminary Budget, but unfortunately was not included in the final budget. The Network thanks all our members who met with and contacted the Administration and City Council to advocate for this critical funding. While we are disappointed in the outcome, we will continue to work closely with relevant agencies and Council Members to ensure that this priority remains at the top of the agenda.


The second priority that remained unfunded is $106 million to cover indirect costs in City contracts with nonprofits. However, the budget agreement did include a commitment to revisit the issue in the November plan. We will continue to work with our partners to ensure this remains a priority.

Other budget highlights include:

For any additional information or questions, please contact the Network’s New York City office by emailing Rebecca Sauer.

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