30 Years of Innovation

2018 marked our 30-year anniversary of advocating for supportive housing and building a community of nonprofits who are working tirelessly to end homelessness in New York.

We’re especially grateful to all the visionaries, founders and problem-solvers who, with their passion for helping the most vulnerable New Yorkers, have made supportive housing what it is today. We want to honor and celebrate all the brilliance of the last 30 years with 30 stories of innovation in supportive housing. Check out some of the most incredible moments in the history of supportive housing below...


Largest conference of the supportive housing community in the nation

Times Square, the largest supportive housing building in the nation 

NY/NY 1- First City and State Agreement for Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing for Youth

Mc-Kinney Vento- The First Federal Legislative Response to Homelessness

Reclaiming SROs, Hotels & Historic Sites

Campaign 4 NY/NY Housing

Supportive Housing- the innovative model for ending chronic homelessness

Residents of Supportive Housing

Nine Key Achievements of the NY/NY III Agreement

The Culhane Study

The Network Goes Statewide

True Colors- New York’s first supportive housing for LGBTQ homeless youth

Supportive Housing Loan Program- A unique innovation to finance housing for homeless New Yorkers

Housing First- innovation to reduce chronic homelessness

LIHTC- A financing innovation to help build more supportive housing 

Bailey-Holt House- The first supportive housing for those living with HIV/AIDS

Medicaid Redesign Team - Using state medicaid dollars for supportive housing

Trauma-Informed Care – Identifying and Supporting Trauma Response for Tenants

Howie the Harp - A national model for peer advocacy

The NYC Acquisition Fund

Homeless Housing and Assistance Program

Excellence in Design in Supportive Housing

NYC 15/15 - City’s Commitment to Supportive Housing

The Lift Up- A Reflection on NYC FUSE

The Network and its Members: Agents of Change

The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)

Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative (ESSHI)

Integration of people with psychiatric disabilities into community housing

The Network: An innovation in supportive housing