Ecomonic Impact Payments For Low Income Households

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As you probably know, all low-income individuals are eligible for a $1,200 stimulus check ($2,400 for joint returns, $500 for each qualifying child) known as Economic Impact Payments.

Any low-income individual who has filed a tax return in the past two years and cannot be claimed as a dependent will receive the monies automatically.

Any individual who receives SSI, SSDI or survivor benefits, will receive the benefit automatically.

Individuals who receive Social Security, retirement, survivors, or disability insurance benefits and who did not file a tax return for 2018 or 2019 and who have qualifying children under age 17, are eligible for an additional $500 per dependent benefit. These individuals are encouraged to go to the IRS’s Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info page and provide information about yourself and your qualifying children. 

The eligibility requirements and other information about the Economic Impact Payments can be found at the IRS’s Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments page. 

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