The Network Submits Comment to HUD’s “Verification of Eligible Status” Proposal

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The Network Submits Comment to HUD’s “Verification of Eligible Status” Proposal image


The Network’s letter explained how the “mixed status rule” would negatively affect New York, the supportive housing community, and the homelessness crisis.

On July 8, 2019, on behalf of New York’s supportive housing community, the Network submitted comment to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) expressing strong opposition to the changes regarding “verification of eligible status,” published in the Federal Register on May 10, 2019. The Network’s letter outlined with specifics how the proposed rule “would only exacerbate the homelessness crisis plaguing the nation.”

A high-level view of its content is below.

The Proposed Rule Will Limit the Quantity of Subsidies and Increase Homelessness in New York City

In essence, this proposed rule, which aims to limit financial resources to noncitizens, is antithetical to its own philosophy.

The Proposed Rule Will Have an Adverse Effect on Citizen Children’s Stability

We need policies that expand, not reduce, access to stable homes for families with children in order to ensure all children have opportunities to be healthy and reach their highest potential.

The Proposed Rule Will Hurt U.S. Citizens and the Formerly Homeless Population

The Proposed Rule Creates an Administrative Burden on Public Housing Agencies and Housing Providers

We urge HUD to immediately withdraw its current proposal, and dedicate its efforts to advancing policies that strengthen the ability of immigrants to support themselves and their families in the future. If we want our communities to thrive, everyone in those communities must be able to stay together and get the care, services, and support they need to remain healthy and productive.

Click to read the Network’s letter.

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