‘State of Homelessness’ Report Released

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Finds decreases in chronic and veteran homelessness

The National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) released its annual State of Homelessness in America report last month. The document, available here, provides housing and homelessness data for each state and analyzes trends nationwide.

NAEH's report offers both good and bad news. On the positive side, the data shows a significant decrease in veteran and chronic homelessness. The report finds that veteran homelessness dropped 7.2% from 2011 to 2012 while chronic homelessness dropped 6.8% in the same time span. NAEH unequivocally ties these findings to supportive housing, arguing that "the ongoing and increased development of permanent supportive housing, a proven solution to ending homelessness for people with disabilities, is bringing down chronic and veteran homelessness numbers in communities across the country."

Overall, the report finds .4% decrease in homelessness nationwide.

The numbers for New York, however, were less positive. Based on figures from point-in-time counts reported to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the report finds that homelessness increased in New York by nearly 10% from January 2011 to January 2012. It notes increases in homelessness among both individuals and families.

The State of Homelessness in America also offers a wealth of data on poverty, unemployment, the cost of rental housing and other salient issues. You can read the full report here.

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