Health and Hospitals Isolation Hotel Program


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As of mid-July, isolation hotels for COVID-impacted supportive housing tenants and staff has moved over to NYC Health and Hospitals (H+H). Initially created to address the needs of individuals being discharged from hospitals, the new hoteling program now features medical and behavioral health services and is open to supportive housing tenants and staff who cannot self-isolate due to shared kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms. Anyone who has tested positive, has COVID-like symptoms, or who has been exposed to someone with COVID is eligible. 

Caseworkers and tenants can contact the program through the hotline -- 646-694-3500, seven days a week, between eight am and midnight or through email to Caseworkers should include the tenant’s name, the provider’s and program name and the caseworker’s contact number. H+H will want the caseworker to complete the screening via conference call with the tenant.  

Individuals are typically discharged after two weeks, but if there is a need to extend the stay due to extenuating circumstances, that is generally permitted. 
If you are using the hoteling services and are having difficulties, please contact Joelle at Network is hosting a meeting with H+H on Monday, September 14th at 9:00 AM to review this new process. If you would like to participate, contact Joelle. 

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