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In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and Suicide Prevention Month, we are excited to share a resource from Comunilife. The Life is Precious program was started in 2008 by Comunilife’s President and CEO Dr. Rosa Gil to help Latina teens at risk of suicide. The stigma of mental health coupled with stress, family conflict and other factors have contributed to a rise in suicidal ideation in Latina teens in NYC.

In New York City, 18.5% of young Latina teens seriously considered suicide in 2019, a percentage higher than their peers. According to the National Library of Medicine, suicide among young Latinas in the United States has risen 100% between 2010 and 2015. A community informed approach combines individual and group counseling, creative arts therapy, academic support, music, nutrition and wellness activities as well as family services. The goal of LIP is reflected in their motto “Strive, Thrive and Survive”. To learn more about the program see here.

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