Mayor’s FY 2022 Executive Budget Analysis


Mayor’s FY 2022 Executive Budget Analysis image


The mayor recently released the $98.6 billion Executive Budget for fiscal year 2022 (FY22).  Read on for budget highlights pertaining to supportive housing and the human services sector.

Indirect Cost Rate Initiative: 
$120m FY21-22 to fully fund the initiative, and baseline funding to continue the program in perpetuity. Human service nonprofits with an approved rate will be able to claim 100% of their rate with the reinstatement and continued investment in this initiative. More details will follow as we learn more about implementation. 

HPD Capital: 
$1.75b, which includes a $305m increase over FY21 capital investment. 

Mental Health Crisis Response:
$122m in FY22 to expand the Mental Health Crisis Response citywide, which include an EMS and social workers for urgent, nonviolent mental health calls. 
$23m in FY22 to expand Mobile Treatment Teams, adding an additional 25 teams to the program. 

HPD Hiring Freeze: 
$500k in savings due to hiring delays at HPD. The Network is in discussion with HPD about the impact understaffing is having on the development pipeline as well as on operations. We understand that progress is being made to post and fill vacancies and will continue to track this issue.

We are still analyzing the potential impact to social services in the expense budget and will follow up with more information as we have it. To see the City Council’s response to the Mayor’s preliminary budget, click here

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