Summer 9% New York State HCR Awards announced


Summer 9% New York State HCR Awards announced image


The summer 9% NYS HCR Awards have announced funding an additional 140 units of Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative (ESSHI) units.  This is the second part of the 2019 awards, representing about 25% of the total for the year, with the next fall 2020 RFP to be released imminently.  That, in conjunction with the soon-to-be-announced conditional ESSHI awards promises to complete the first five years and 6,000 units of the governor’s fifteen year commitment to develop 20,000 supportive housing units statewide. The Network, as part of the Campaign 4 NY/NY Housing is pressing the Governor to include a commitment to the next five years/7,000 units of ESSHI in next year’s budget.

The Network extends congratulations to our members awarded this new funding, including three projects that are 50% supportive and affordable mixed development:

The other two have some supportive units below 50% of the project total:

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