October Community Corner


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In recognition of Domestic Violence awareness month, we are sharing this article from Anti-Racism Daily (ARD) titled “Prevent Gender-Based Violence Against Women of Color.” In response to the ongoing protests in Iran and gender-based violence against women of color, Anmol Irfan provides insight from community organizers in order to address this global issue.

Statistics show an average of 20 people are physically abused by intimate partners every minute and about 40% of those victims are people of color. Measures to prevent gender-based violence are scarce especially amongst communities of color, women, and marginalized genders. Victims of violence are often skeptical of the legal system, but Anmol suggests that using resources like Brown Girl Therapy can help in educating ourselves and identifying signs of abuse. Anmol emphasizes the need to demand better systems that cater to protecting marginalized communities and calling for change at the policy level. In order to break intergenerational patterns of abuse and violence, internal community change and outside intervention is extremely crucial. 

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