NYS 2018-19 Budget and Supportive Housing



Important  news for the supportive housing community from the recently passed 2018-19 New York State budget.

The New York State SFY 2018-19 budget has passed. There are several areas of the budget that are important to the supportive housing community. Budget highlights of particular interest include:

5 Year Statewide Housing Program Funded Again

The final budget includes the re-appropriation of the $1.97 billion in capital funding for the state’s 5-year affordable and supportive housing program.  A portion of this capital funding supports the first 6,000 units of the Governor’s 15 year commitment to build 20,000 supportive housing units across the state.

The additional $124.5 million was also re-appropriated for service and operating expenses for the 6,000 supportive housing units.

Homes & Community Renewal Housing Trust Fund (HTF) & Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance (OTDA) Homeless Housing Assistance Program (HHAP) Flat Funded

The Legislature accepted the Executive’s proposal to flat fund the Housing Trust Fund at $44.2 million. HHAP is funded at the Executive’s proposal of $64 million, the same level as last year.

Services Funding Increased - OTDA Homeless Housing Preventative Services Budget

Service funding for the combined New York State Supportive Housing Program (NYSSHP), Solutions to End Homelessness Program (STEHP) and Operating Support for AIDS Housing (OSAH) was funded at the Executive’s proposed amount of $36,781,000.  This is an additional $1.4 million increase over last year’s budget.

Office of Mental Health Housing Funding Increased

The final budget increased funds for supported housing and single residence occupancy programs by $10 million, as proposed in the Executive Budget.

Medicaid Redesign Team Supportive Housing Program Flat Funded

The final budget funded the MRT Supportive Housing Program at the same level as last year - $170 million over 2 years ($85 million annually).

Strong Nonprofits for a Better New York Workforce Enhancements Funded at $15 million

The final budget included $15 million for human services programs related to minimum wage increases. It is unclear how the increased funding will be implemented.  We are hopeful it will support OTDA funded programs.

As more information becomes available, we will keep our members updated. 

On behalf of the Network, we would like to thank Governor Cuomo and his staff, the Division of Budget, the NYS Assembly (specifically, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz, Housing Committee Chair; Assemblyman Hevesi, Social Services Committee Chair; and Assemblywoman Gunther, Mental Health Committee Chair) the NYS Senate (specifically Senator Young, Finance Chair; Senator Little, Housing Committee Chair; Senator Tedisco, Social Services Committee Chair; and Senator Ortt, Mental Health Committee Chair), and all of the staff in both houses who worked tirelessly to put this budget together. We deeply appreciate your continuing commitment to supportive housing. 

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