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The historic $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Bill -- which contains three of the HoUSed campaign’s top priorities -- is awaiting a vote on the House floor.  The Bill includes $90 billion for rental assistance, $37 billion for the National Housing Trust Fund and $80 billion for public housing repairs; it would create nearly a million new rental assistance opportunities and build 630,000 new affordable homes nationally.  Typically at least 10% of these totals will come to New York State.  However, we anticipate that these funding levels are threatened by negotiations with the Senate, which requires that all 50 Democratic senators support the Bill.  

The Network has been helping to advocate for the Bill by highlighting National Housing Trust Fund-funded projects in New York State.  For example, in Yonkers, Westhab held a ribbon cutting last week of the Dayspring Commons project.  The Network’s Laura Mascuch and Westhab Executive Director Richard Nightingale collaborated on an editorial amplifying the role the Trust Fund played in the project’s development (link). 

Thanks to all who have joined us in advocating thus far. Fingers crossed.

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