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Lamb Insurance is the largest insurance broker in the country working exclusively with nonprofit and social service organizations, which means they only help organizations that help people. For the supportive housing world, it also means that they have a deep understanding of our community and its unique issues. That has always been valuable, but it was never more so than during the past eighteen months when not only did nonprofits face huge challenges they also saw revenues dip and prices rise.

“When no one knew what was going to happen, Lamb was a trusted partner, offering advice and insight amidst the chaos and uncertainty,” remembers Network Executive Director Laura Mascuch. “Lamb has a deep understanding of the Network– who we are and who our members are. They are always there for us both as a small nonprofit organization and to help our members  survive and thrive– joining our calls, putting on tailored workshops, or hopping on a call at a moment’s notice to answer any member’s question.”

But Lamb was helping member organizations long before the pandemic. Concern Housing’s Ralph Fasano told us how he came to Lamb: “We had four fires in a short period of time and our insurance costs not only doubled, our deductible went from 10K to 100K! Our broker at the time couldn’t help and I remembered Laura had introduced us to Josh a number of years ago so I gave him a call. Right off the bat, they saved us 350K on our insurance costs and reduced our deductible from 100K to 5K! Plus I really like the way they get involved with associations like the Network and understand that being supportive of the organizations we belong to is very important. That was a big factor in also wanting to work with them.” 

Their knowledge of the particular issues involved with providing supportive housing was what impressed ImPACCt Brooklyn’s Executive Director Bernell Grier. “Lamb’s expertise in the supportive housing world has been invaluable to us. They were incredibly supportive at a time that was most crucial.”

Lamb CAMBA’s CEO and President Joanne Oplustil swears Lamb’s presentations are actually entertaining. But above all, she says, “their customer service is excellent. And they fight for us.”

For their unwavering support of the supportive housing community, extraordinary service and dedication to our members, we are proud and delighted to present this year’s Private Sector Partner of the Year Award to Lamb Insurance.

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