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A Tribute to Raj Hosein


This post is written by Laura Mascuch, Executive Director of the Supportive Housing Network of NY. 

As we celebrate our history, it only seems fitting that we also take a moment to honor a dear friend of mine that has helped transition this organization from its modest beginnings to what we are today!

Under Raj Hosein’s leadership, the Network has grown from five staff to 11, from a $500,000 organization to a $2 million organization and from 70 members to over 200 members today.  

And while each of those benchmarks are impressive, they don’t truly describe who Raj is, or what she has contributed to the Network and our community over the past 17 years.

To those that know Raj, you might describe her as very detail oriented, someone with only the highest of standards, the person that keeps the trains running.  She knows what needs to be done - and she does it – always well and always with pride. 

But for me and the Network, she is so much more than that.  She’s someone who can be relied upon for the smallest of tasks and the largest of tasks.  She’s the person that donates her own money to give a personal gift to the Tenants of the Year at the Network’s Gala each year.  And she’s always there to listen, to think through a problem and come up with a solution.

She’s not just the backbone of this organization, but the heart and soul that has made us who we are today.

That’s why I’m honored to present Raj with the Distinguished Service Award.  After nearly two decades with us, as Director of Finance & Administration, she’s retiring at the end of the year. It’s bittersweet to see her go and I honestly can’t imagine us without her. 

BUT, we’re very happy and excited for her and her husband Al. We wish them a wonderful retirement and bright future ahead.

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