A Conversation with Brittany Packnett


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The Network was honored to host a conversation with Brittany Packnett Cunningham. Brittany is an award-winning activist, organizer and educator, and was appointed to the Task Force on 21st Century Policing by President Barack Obama. Brittany delivered the keynote address for our Network Friday Forum series followed by a discussion with our Senior Policy Analyst, Tierra Labrada.

Packnett said, “Issues of policing, education, joblessness, and incarceration are deeply connected to the housing and homelessness crisis… If we know that multiple things conspired to make people homeless, then we must conspire together to fix it.” Labrada and Packnett discussed how service providers and advocates must be led by those most affected by systems of oppression. “We need to audit our practices until we get to the point where we are habitually following the lead of those most impacted,” said Packnett. While acknowledging the difficult time we are living through, Packnett offered inspiration to the audience. She said, “I chose the discipline of hope over the ease of cynicism.”

We will host this recording on our website until December and encourage anyone who was unable to catch the event live to watch this insightful and inspirational discussion. 

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