4/27/20 Section 8 Program Update Housing Quality Standards 
4/2/20 Update of Coronavirus FAQs from HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing 
3/25/20 Diseases Risk and Homelessness3/21/20 COVID-19 HMIS Setup and Data Sharing Practices 
3/13/20 Using Continuum of Care Program Funds for Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response
3/13/20 Questions and Answers for Office of Multifamily Housing Stakeholders
3/18/20 Trump Orders HUD to Suspend Evictions, Eviction Foreclosures Through April
3/19/20 Using HOPWA Funds for Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response

*Important COVID-19 Notice Concerning Section 8*
Tenants with Housing Choice Vouchers, Project Based Vouchers, or who are receivning rental assistance through the Continuum of Care program can submit documentation showing a decrease in income which could decrease their tenant portion and increase their subsidy amount. Here is guidance from HPD, but is applicable to all utilizing the above-mentioned rental resource. 
3/17/20 Guidance to Section 8 Participants on Rent Hardships



Additional PPP Regulations
On Friday SBA issued an Interim Final Rule - Revisions to Loan Forgiveness IFR and SBA Loan Review Procedures IFR. The big news is that they answer the question: does a borrower have to wait until the end of the eight- or 24-week covered period before applying for loan forgiveness? The answer is a borrower can apply when it so chooses. “A borrower may submit a loan forgiveness application any time on or before the maturity date of the loan – including before the end of the covered period – if the borrower has used all of the loan proceeds for which the borrower is requesting forgiveness.” (emphasis added) Elsewhere, however, the new rule states, “If the borrower applies for forgiveness before the end of the covered period, it must account for the salary reduction for the full 24-week covered period (totaling $1,200).” So, the rule is that before applying for forgiveness, make sure staff salaries are restored to at least 75 percent of pre-pandemic pay, staffing levels are back up, and the money is fully spent.

06/03/2020 Senate Passes Small Business Loan Revamp
5/22/20 Interim Final Rules on Loan Forgiveness
5/22/20 Interim Final Rule on SBA Loan Review Procedures and Related Borrower and Lender Responsibilities 
PPP Loan Forgiveness Guidance 
SBA & Treasury released the long-awaited guidance on PPP loan forgiveness late Friday night. They also put out rules on how SBA will review loans to determine whether borrowers were eligible. The National Council of Nonprofits prepared an analysis of the loan forgiveness rules yesterday.
5/18/20 Schall & Ashenfarb, CPA - PPP FAQ 
5/18/20 Schall & Ashenfarb, CPA - SBA Provides Guidance on Loan Forgiveness 
5/18/20 Schall & Ashenfarb, CPA - Loan Forgivness Calculator 
5/18/20 Loan Forgiveness Application
5/14/20 Nonprofit PPP Loan Forgiveness Update
5/13/20 PPP FAQ
05/06/20 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans FAQ
Managing Your PPP Loan & Forgiveness 101 Clinics

Families First Paid Leave Tax Credits
The IRS released a new fact sheet on refundable tax credits nonprofits and other employers can claim when paying for leave pursuant to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act passed in early March. The fact sheet addresses: employees covered, sick leave requirements, how to claim credits, and record-keeping. 

5/06/20 FEMA Request for Public Assistance (RPA) 
For an overview of of how to apply by Concern for Independent Living, see here

5/5/20 IRS Economic Impact Statements
Economic Impact Payments are available to persons on Public Assistance who are not required to file taxes. SSI/SSDI recipients will receive stimulus payments via the same method as their benefit payments, including payments sent directly to a Representative Payee. 

In order to receive the economic impact payment, you must have a social security number and not be claimed as a dependent on anyone else's tax returns.For those with incomes at or below $12,400 (including persons on Public Assistance), you can submit your bank account information and/or update your mailing address to receive a paper check in the mail here: Non-Filers: Enter Your Payment Info

4/1/20 Social Security COVID-19 updates 
3/25/20 Certification for SNAP, TA, and Medicaid / Certificación para SNAP, TA, y Medicaid 
3/24/20 Temporary Social Security Service Changes in New York and New Jersey 

4/24/20 Interim Guidance for Homeless Service Providers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 
4/19/20 Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting 
3/22/20 Interim Guidance for Responding to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) among People Experiencing Unsheltered Homelessness 
3/30/20 Non-Congregate Approaches to Sheltering for Covid-19 Homeless Response 

What Employers Need To Know... 
FAQ on Federal Leave Guidance