NY/NY III Housing

Residents at Good Shepherd Services' Chelsea Foyer program. Photos courtesy of Good Shepherd Services. Photography by Laura Dwight.

Across New York, nearly 40 Network members provide housing and services to more than 600 homeless and at-risk young adults. The vast majority of these organizations cobble together services funding through various sources -- most notably the NYS Supportive Housing Program (NYSSHP). In 2005, however, the City and State committed to funding 200 units of supportive housing for youth aging out of foster care (NY/NY III population I) and 200 units for youth leaving psychiatric institutional care (NY/NY III population C). These programs are profiled below.

You can also learn more about supportive housing for youth aging out of foster care by downloading this packet.

Good Shepherd Services: The Chelsea Foyer

One of the crown jewels at the 150-year-old Good Shepherd Services, the Chelsea Foyer is a program that offers housing and comprehensive support services to 40 homeless and at-risk youth. Like its name, the program is envisioned as a two-year “corridor” between care (or homelessness) and successful adulthood, in which tenants access a rich array of employment, educational and social supports to help them learn how to live independently. All Foyer tenants are formerly homeless, at risk of homelessness or aging out of foster care; 14 of the buildings units are reserved for Pop I tenants. 

The Lantern Organization: Vicinitas

Opened in 2011, Vicinitas is a 68-unit supportive housing residence in the Bronx exclusively for young adults, more than half of whom have aged out of foster care. Vicinitas builds on the Lantern Organization's commitment to helping young adults successfully transition to adulthood; Lantern has also provided housing and services to this population at its Schafer Hall residence in Harlem and Jasper Hall in the Bronx. Onsite services stress independent living skills, education, training and career development. 

Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, Inc.: Louis Nine House

Louis Nine House was developed alongside WHEDCo’s highly publicized Intervale Green development in the Bronx -- the nation’s largest Energy Star-certified affordable housing development. Louis Nine -- also an all-green development including a 3,500-square-foot green roof-deck -- is home to 46 NY/NY III young adults, 26 of whom are youth aging out of foster care. In addition to case management, tenants at the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, Inc. residence have access to vocational services, recreational activities, psychiatric services and counseling.

The Door: The Lee

The Lee is a beautiful 12-story building on the Lower East Side developed by Breaking Ground with 263 apartments for  a mix of homeless adults with special needs (HIV/AIDS, chronic mental illness), low-income workers, many of whom are from the community, and 55 at-risk young adults many of whom aged out of the foster care system. The Door, with 40 years of experience in helping disconnected youth, provides on-site educational, vocational and social services to the young adult tenants.

Scattered-Site Programs

Four organizations run “scattered-site” programs for youth aging out of foster care. Tenants have studio apartments or share two bedroom apartments in the community and get individualized support, educational and vocational services delivered by teams of professionals.