NYC 15/15 Congregate Supportive Housing - Services Only

NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) has released the NYC 15/15 Congregate Request for Proposals (RFP), Provision of Congregate Supportive Housing.

Note: This RFP is only available through the HHS Accelerator system for those organizations prequalified in the relevant service areas. To access and read the complete RFP  your organization must be registered in HHS Accelerator. Proposals must be submitted through the HHS Accelerator system. Go to to learn more. The information noted below is a summary and not inclusive of all RFP criteria.

RFP Released: February 24, 2017

Pre-Proposal Conference:   March 8, 2017, 2:00 pm

150 Greenwich Street (4 World Trade Center), 37th Floor BID Room, New York, NY 10007

To register for the pre-proposal conference, send an email to: Please include RVSP & the title of the RFP in the subject line. Contractors should bring a copy of the RFP to indicate the purpose of their visit to the building.

Proposal Due: This is an open ended RFP and proposals will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis until all units covered by this RFP are contracted. All proposals must be submitted through the Procurement Tab of the  HHS Accelerator system at

This RFP is for 7,500 units of congregate supportive housing for a combination of Single Adults, Families with Children, Adult Families, Young Adult Individuals (ages 18 to 25) & Young Adult Families with Children or Pregnant Women (ages 18 to 25)

The estimated unit projections for each population are:

Single Adults with SMI/SUD - 5,155
Adult Families - 341
Families with Children - 654
Young Adults - 989
Young Adult Families with Children or Pregnant Women (18-25) - 361


Anticipated annual service award rates per unit are the following:

Single Adults & Adult Families - $17,500 per unit
Families with Children & Young Adult Families with Children or Pregnant Women (18-25) - $28,738
Young Adult Individuals (18-25) - $25,596

Rental assistance to support the projects will be funded outside this RFP. Rental assistance will be provided through a separate process administered by the NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD). Demonstration of ability to obtain rental assistance will be required prior to final award. Providers can demonstrate rental assistance commitment either from HPD or another funding entity prior to receiving final award.

Contract Term:

The term for each contract will be five (5) years with one (1) option to renew for four years (4) years unless the proposal requires a different term based on funding requirements.

Target Population:

  • Population Option 1 – Chronically homeless single adults or adult families with a head of household who has a serious mental illness, a substance use disorder, or co-occurring SMI and SUD.
  • Population Option 2 – Chronically homeless families with children with a head of household who has a serious mental illness, a substance use disorder, or co-occurring SMI and SUD.
  • Population Option 3 – Young adult individuals (ages 18-25 years) who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with high service utilization of Department of Homeless Services (DHS), Dept. of Youth and Community Development – Runaway Homeless Youth (DYCD RHY), or Administration of Children’s Services (ACS) Foster Care and have risk factors including but not limited to: duration and episodes of homelessness, health and/or behavioral health conditions, complex trauma, vocational/educational challenges, and other barriers to independent living.
  • Population Option 4 – Young adult families with children or pregnant women 18-25 where the head of household is homeless or at risk of homelessness with high service utilization of DHS, DYCD RHY, or ACS Foster Care and have risk factors identified in Population Option 3.

Program Expectations for All Populations (General Summary, please see RFP for population specific expectations):

  • The contractor will have minimum of five (5) years of delivering support services within congregate or scattered site housing programs using evidence based and/or evidence informed practices based on the criteria listed in the RFP.
  • The contractor will employ low threshold, flexible intake criteria.
  • The contractor will only accept referrals for tenants with an approved HRA 2010e or other City designated application form.
  • The contractor would make sure a 1:15 case management ratio is maintained with appropriate qualifications and salaries commensurate with experience.
  • The contractor would provide evidence-based and/or evidence informed services, including but not limited to: person-centered planning with a quarterly service plan; motivational interviewing; health and wellness services; recovery-oriented and trauma informed case management; harm reduction services; a progressive demand approach that encourages tenants to participate in services.
  • The contractor would provide on-site services that are: strengths-based, culturally and linguistically competent and sensitive; flexible to fit each tenant’s needs and adapt as their needs change over time including flexible scheduling during evenings and weekends to accommodate career and academic schedules.

Awards (Summary):

Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated as they are received by HRA. They will be ranked in descending order of their average technical scores. HRA will establish a shortlist through a natural break in scores for technically viable proposals. HRA will select all technically viable proposals in descending order until the available number of units in this RFP is expended.  The City reserves the right to tentatively select a total number of units greater than the designated number of units to ensure the full target is achieved in the minimum feasible amount of time. The City reserves the right, prior to contract registration and during the time of the contract, to change the program service size (including adding or reducing the number of units funded by up to 20%) program type and model of the its population depending on the needs of the system.  See the RFP for more detailed information on HRA’s selection process.

For more information: Contact Patricia Dawson at