Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance, 2012

This progress report evaluates Home & Healthy for Good (HHG), a Massachusetts supportive housing program. As of February 2012, HHG has provided housing and services to 555 chronically homeless adults. This report finds a dramatic decline in services use and public expenses for individuals who enter HHG housing. The average HHG tenant, for example, spent 5.16 days in a detox center during his/her year prior to housing. Once in housing, tenants spent just 1.48 days in detox centers a year. These reductions have led to clear cost savings. Annual Medicaid-related expenses for HHG tenants were $26,124 per tenant before housing and $8,500 per tenant after housing. When factoring all costs, the report concludes that the HHG program saves the state $9,423 per person per year.

To read a 2009 progress report on Home & Healthy for Good, see here.

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Research category: Cost Savings