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Research from across the supportive housing industry

Scholars, government agencies, nonprofits and think tanks have conducted dozens of research projects on supportive housing. The following areas have generated particular interest among researchers. Click on any of the links below to learn what the experts say about supportive housing.

Cost Savings

Articles on the cost-effectiveness of supportive housing as a public policy initiative. Does it cost more to place a homeless individual in supportive housing or leave him on the streets?


Articles on the efficacy of supportive housing for families. Does a housing model traditionally for single adults work for family homes?


Articles on the health impacts of supportive housing. Do housing and services improve the lives of people with health ailments such as HIV/AIDS?

Mental Illness

Articles on the effectiveness of supportive housing for people with mental illness. Does the housing model help people with multiple living barriers lead more independent lives?

Neighborhood Impact

Articles on supportive housing residences and their impact on the community. Do they raise or lower property values, increase or decrease crime, revamp or blemish the look of a neighborhood?

Of Interest

Articles for those interested in investing in supportive housing. Is supportive housing a financially sound investment?


Articles on the difficulties faced by formerly incarcerated individuals. Can housing and services help ex-offenders reenter society?


Articles on the efficacy of supportive housing for children and young adults. Can supportive housing keep families intact, help youth aging out of foster care and provide a positive environment for young people to mature?