Photos: Amy Berryhill

Few people, if anyone, can oppose supportive housing once they've seen it with their own eyes. But for those who can't attend a supportive housing residence tour, video may be the next best thing. The video clips below offer an intimate, informative glimpse into the day-to-day life of supportive housing.

Network Gala 2016

A celebratory video including all 2016 honorees including the distinctive recognition of the founders of the supportive housing movement.

The St. Francis Residences: Lives Lived, Lives Saved

A tribute to Fr. John Felice, OFM, and Fr. John McVean, OFM, co-founders of the St. Francis Friends of the Poor Residences in NYC. As they retire, we celebrate the many lives lived and lives saved because of their work!

Getting to 35,000 Units

A video memorializing the two year campaign to secure commitments from the City and the State to create 35,000 new units of supportive housing.

Housing + support services = supportive housing

A 30 second spot created for the Network to describe how supportive housing is the answer to ending homelessness among the most vulnerable.  Thanks to NY Film Critics Series, Editor Nick Heet, and Sound Recordist Dan Levine.

The Network on YouTube

Watch hundreds of videos from the New York State Supportive Housing Conference on the Network's YouTube channel.

Good Housing. Good Neighbors.

A portrait of three New York City supportive housing residences, produced by the Network.

Supportive Housing: A Good Neighbor

A profile of three New York City supportive housing residences, produced by New York State Homes & Community Renewal with help from the Network.