Tenant Education

Paricipants in the Network's Living Green Tenant Conservation Program at Mercy Gardens.

Human behavior has enormous impact on building performance, which means buildings are only as efficient as the people who live in and operate them. There are many available resources and programs to reduce energy consumption and engage in more sustainable activities. However, making real and significant change is more than simply asking people to turn off lights -- it requires creative thinking and consistent attention. 

In supportive housing, sustainability training can benefit tenants by teaching key life skills. On-site staff, or motivated tenants, can help to engage others and promote these strategies. Methods for encouraging tenants to become aware of their actions will depend on the staff available, the ideas that are generated and perseverance.

Education Program Methodology

Steps to develop and implement a tenant conservation education program.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans to start a Living Green program at your building.

Suggested Tools

Information on the tools used in our lesson plans.

Tenant Education Resources

Look into other sources and share what you have learned about how to engage tenants to conserve energy and make sustainable choices.