Workshop Schedule

Workshops Schedule

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SERIES A: 10:30-12:00 pm

Meet the Adams Administration                                                                                     ASTOR BALLROOM, 7th Floor

Open Hearts/Open Minds                                                                                               SOHO COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Harm Reduction = Tenant Engagement                                                                          EMPIRE COMPLEX, 7th Floor

In the Spotlight: Innovative Projects from ESSHI & NYC 15/15                                     DUFFY/COLUMBIA, 7th Floor

Correcting Crisis Intervention                                                                                         WILDER, 4th Floor  

Building Forward: A National Strategy to End Homelessness                                        ODETS, 4th Floor

Addressing Hoarding & Clutter: It’s Possible                                                                 O’NEILL, 4th Floor

Helping Heal Families Escaping Domestic Violence                                                      ZIEGFELD, 4th Floor

SERIES B: 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

New York State’s Response to Homelessness                                                             ASTOR BALLROOM, 7th Floor

Community Overdose Prevention & Response Strategies                                          SOHO COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Parenting Journey: A Foundational Approach to Working with Families                    EMPIRE COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Dismantling Racism in Housing & Homelessness Policy                                           DUFFY/COLUMBIA, 7th Floor

A Better End: Supporting Our Communities Around Death & Dying                          WILDER, 4th Floor

Why Nonprofit Ownership?                                                                                         ODETS, 4th Floor

Beyond Land Acknowledgements                                                                               O’NEILL, 4th Floor

Going Green: Sustainable Design for the Future                                                         ZIEGFELD, 4th Floor


SERIES C: 3:30-5:00 pm

Mindfulness Session: Inner and Outer Methods for Wellbeing                                    ASTOR BALLROOM, 7th Floor

New York State of Mind: NYC 15/15 and ESSHI                                                           SOHO COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Aging (and Thriving) in Place                                                                                       EMPIRE COMPLEX, 7th Floor

Supporting Supportive Staff                                                                                        DUFFY/COLUMBIA, 7th Floor

Coordinated Entry Across the State                                                                              WILDER, 4th Floor

Bridging the Housing Gap for People In the Criminal Legal System                            ODETS, 4th Floor

Restorative Justice 101                                                                                                 O’NEILL, 4th Floor