KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Best Practices for Responding to Federal ICE Raids

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KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Best Practices for Responding to Federal ICE Raids image


The Network offers tips to supportive housing providers for protecting residents.

The Trump administration ramped up its attack on immigrants this summer, announcing plans to fast-track deportations with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids and arrests, including in New York City. Last month, for the first time since Trump’s election, ICE tried to raid a homeless shelter. On the evening of August 6th, ICE attempted to enter Win’s East New York shelter with just a photo of the person they wanted to detain. Thankfully, Win’s security guards knew their rights. When the ICE agent failed to produce a judge-signed warrant, they were denied entry.

Let’s make sure our entire community knows our rights and protects our undocumented and immigrant clients, tenants, and neighbors. Security, providers, clients, and tenants can be prepared for ICE showing up to their shelter or residences, and to support anyone who may be living in fear of deportation. 

Know Your Rights. What to do if ICE comes to your building:

Remember, do not: 

How to Prepare:

Resources for flyers, guidebooks and cards (same as linked above):

If ICE is conducting a raid or seen in your area:

If someone has been detained:

Legal resources: 

Connect with an immigrant rights group and have your staff trained: 

The Network continues to monitor how federal policies will affect our supportive housing members and their residents. If you are a member and would like to share more information with us regarding the above, please contact us.

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