Doctors Without Borders on Supportive Housing & COVID-19 Workshop



June 26, 2020

During COVID-19, the Network partnered with Doctors Without Borders (DWB) to work with supportive housing providers who offered advice on infection protection and control, isolation strategies, safety protocols for symptomatic tenants as well as through fielding other heath related questions.

Doctors Without Borders' Michelle Mays and Alaina Deans presented on both best practices as well as what they'd learned in their stay in New York City, specifically as it pertained to supportive housing. They were joined by representatives from organizations they worked with -- Housing and Services, Inc. and Lutheran Social Services of New York -- who spoke about the innovations DWB put into place in their residences as well as the advice they'd gleaned for the next phases of reopening. 

Speakers included:

Michelle Mays, RN, New York Project Coordinator
Doctors Without Borders

Alaina Deans, MSc, New York COVID19 Health Promotion Activities Manager
Doctors Without Borders

Molly Mattimore, Deputy Executive Director
Housing & Services, Inc.

Rachel Bleeker, Assistant Executive Director for Residential Services
Lutheran Social Services of New York

Meeting Recording Linked Here

Doctors Without Borders also created these best practices for our community.

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