Doctors Without Borders Partners with the Network and Our Members

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During COVID-19, Doctors Without Borders (DWB) has been partnering with supportive housing providers across the city to extend advice on infection protection and control and isolation strategies, to think through safety protocols for symptomatic tenants and to field other heath related questions.

After connecting with the Network and our community through our own Rebecca Sauer, DWB's Alaina Deans and Michelle Mays  have provided various types of assistance over the past eight weeks: they have worked with twelve groups to assess their (often multiple) residences. They have installed 131 hand-washing stations. They also ran an established hotline for staff to pose any health-related questions.  Providers report they have found this engagement extremely useful. Housing Director Beth Stubenbord offered these comments about DWB’s contributions:

"Their incredible volunteers came to three of our sites to assess infection control, potential risks and install handwashing stations. It was so helpful to have skilled professionals look with a fresh eye at our procedures and protocols. The handwashing stations are a huge success! We placed them by our entrances and everyone washes their hands upon entering the building. We received a written assessment and it was reassuring to see we are doing things well and that we do not have to use as many gloves as we are using. Our staff felt more secure and it gave what we are doing some more validity.  Their tip line is also so helpful. We have used it several times to assess someone’s temperature and quarantine questions. I would encourage others to take advantage of this wonderful organization’s expertise."

Organizations wishing to connect with Doctors Without Borders should contact Moira McComas ( at the Network. 

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