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While there are many things to focus on at the moment, the deadline for submitting comments on the proposed amendments to the CRA is APRIL 8, 2020. There has been advocacy to push back, but so far no change has been made. The Network will be submitting our letter shortly – we have linked a template that you are welcome to review and use to incorporate your own comments as it relates to the work you do daily that will be affected by the proposed CRA amendments. ANHD has taken the lead for our New York City community and has encouraged the inclusion of impactful stories in the letters – i.e. instances of nonprofits and lending institutions collaborating on successful deals. More from ANHD on this topic here: The NCRC has provided a guide of instructions, which have been excerpted below:


1. Use your favorite text editor and this sample letter to personalize your comment.

2. When you’re ready with your comment, click the link to go to the government’s comment submission form:

3. When you get there, copy/paste your text into the comment box or if you exceed the word limit you can attach your letter as a .docx, .jpeg or .pdf.

4. Add your contact information, check the box to acknowledge your comment will be made public, and click the green button that says “submit comment.”

5. You will then be directed to a confirmation page that indicates your comment was submitted successfully. This also gives you your official comment number. Your comment will also appear online within a few business days.

6. After you’ve submitted your comment online, there’s one more step. Please also send your comment by email to the FDIC. There is a possibility that the two agencies may issue separate and different final rules so we want to make sure your comments are officially received by both. Send your comment by email the FDIC at: 
Include the RIN 3064-AF22 on the subject line of the message.

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