Youth Programs

Presenters at a Network workshop on housing for at-risk youth. (left to right) Keith Hunter (tenant), Dense Hinds (Good Shepherd Services), Jeanne Mullgrav (NYC Department of Youth & Community Development), Ronald Richter (NYC Administration for Children's Services) and Jennifer March-Joly (Citizens' Committee for Children).

Across New York, more than 600 homeless and at-risk young adults receive housing and services from nearly 40 Network member organizations. These programs provide stability for some of New York’s most vulnerable: homeless youth, runaway youth, young adults aging out of foster care and young adults exiting psychiatric institutions.

This section of our site offers a closer look at some of these programs. Below, you’ll find profiles of NY/NY III programs and other supportive housing programs targeted to youth in New York City. You’ll also find a page devoted to housing, employment and education resources for homeless, runaway and at-risk youth. We're updating this section of our site regularly, so please contact us!

NY/NY III Housing

Profiles of the eight NYC programs that provide supportive housing for youth aging out of foster care under the 2005 New York/New York III Supportive Housing Agreement.

Other Youth Housing

Profiles of six non-NY/NY III supportive housing programs for youth in New York City.

Resources for Homeless, Runaway and At-Risk Youth

A repository of housing, employment and education resources for homeless and at-risk youth.